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Yep, yep!  It’s #TBT, a little throw back Thursday.  I am following up on four posts from the past.  Often times I write a post and then have more to say about the topic after the fact.  Whether it be new information, a total fail, or a shift in thinking.


I included the Limetown podcast in one of my In the Details posts.  There are only a few episodes right now {insert sad face emoji}, but holy cow!  While it is 100% fiction, it listens as if it is a first person investigative report.  The premise is a bit freaky.  An entire town’s population disappears under a cloak of mystery.  I listened to the second episode right before bed.  I will freely admit that I was totally scared and may have woke my husband up when I nearly jumped out of bed.   If you are spooked easily, I suggest NOT listening before bed.   Episode #3 was just released and I can’t wait.  Totally worth a listen!

Signature Scent

In this past post, I featured the notes I seem to love in perfume.  Upon research, it was evident that I tend to like more masculine scents.  Recently I came across a bottle of cologne I bought for my husband years ago.  {I actually think he was boyfriend when I gave it to him!}  He had it stashed in a drawer, so I decided to start wearing it.  This fall I have been layering his cologne with Elizabeth and James//Nirvana Black.  I totally suggesting giving yourself a light spray of men’s cologne-I think you may love it!

Pumpkin Brownies

Ok, so I really wanted these to be perfect. I featured them just last week in my latest In the Details post.  We did not love them.  However, I am willing to experiment and see if I can make them work.  First of all I used a gluten free brownie mix that was slightly smaller than the mix that was called for in the “recipe”.  I am thinking that the proportion of mix to pumpkin was off, which messed with the texture.  Also, I really wanted the “pumpkin spice” flavor and it was totally lacking.  I might try canned pumpkin pie filling or add pumpkin spice.  Stay tuned for possibly another follow up…..

Colorful Pouf

When planning to furnish our family room, I became obsessed with bright vintage kilim poufs.  Eventually I purchased two new poufs from Anthropologie.  Placed in front of our couch instead of a coffee table, they allow for flexible seating for the boys when they are playing video games and are a perfect place to put your feet up when watching a movie.  They are not available anymore.  I am SO happy I purchased them when I did.



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