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I have always thought it would be cool to have a signature scent.  Same perfume, everyday.  One that is simply-me.  However, I have never been able to settle on just one.  The thing is, I know when a perfume is right for me or not. {I bet you do too!}  So it got me to thinking.  What do the perfumes I like have in common?

It all has to do with notes.  Notes are descriptors of scents that can be sensed upon application of a perfume. Top notes you smell right away and evaporate quickly, middle notes appear anywhere from two minutes to one hour after application, and base notes evaporate slowly and linger.  Together they are the body of your perfume.   So, if I can find the notes that I most drawn to, then I can easily choose perfumes that I will love.

I did a little research on four perfumes I have worn over the last couple of years.  I am fascinated to find that they each shared a few common notes.  I have always described the perfumes I like as masculine and earthy.  I think I was correct.  The common notes are pepper, violet, bergamot (a small citrus fruit), vanilla, and woods and mosses.

These are the four perfumes and their perfume notes:


bottega veneta

joan voss


elizabeth and james

My all time favorite is Bottega Veneta.   I wonder if it is because it is complex and has many layered notes.

If you are interested in learning more about the notes in the perfumes you love, I highly suggest Fragrantica.  Simply type in a perfume and read about the base notes, middle notes, and top notes.  It also gives you suggestions of other perfumes you might like.  It has a wealth of information!  Who knew perfume could be so damn interesting??

I am eager to try:

Tom Ford | Black Orchid

Chanel | Coco Noir

Narciso Rodriguez for Her


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