In the Details No. 11 | Where is June?

Happy Friday!  It has been a fast-paced, busy week.  With school and kids’ activities in full swing, life is a bit of a blur.  Weekends are always a welcome respite.  What are your plans?  I am hoping to switch my closet over to fall and squeeze in a movie matinee.

A round-up of things that inspire and interest me this week:

1.  A friend is leaving for New York on a red eye tonight…..wish I was going with her.

2. Mirror, Mirror.  That strap is too good.

3.  A new podcast.  Perfect for a long run or a long commute!

4.  This formula for getting dressed and looking great is brilliant.

5.  Dying to see the new movie, The Intern.  Matinee anyone?

6.  Possibly a new signature drink.  An Old Cuban.

7.  Time to break out the beanie.  It is always a great solution to a bad hair day.

{Podcast via Cup of Jo}



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Where is June?


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