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Yep!  Christmas comes early for me this week!  Wild, the movie, will hit theaters in Seattle on Friday! It opened in New York and Los Angles last week.  I have been waiting for over a year.  I posted enthusiastically  when I heard the amazing book Wild was being brought to the big screen with Reese Witherspoon as the lead.  Since then, I have followed Cheryl Strayed and Reese on social media.  Can I just say, I want to be the third wheel with this adorable pair?!?

The reviews for the movie have been amazing and there is Oscar buzz surrounding Reese’s portrayal of Cheryl.  A few things I find extraordinary about this film, is how it came to be and the friendship Reese and Cheryl share.  Cheryl sent Reese an advanced copy of Wild before it was even released and the project was born.  Reese Witherspoon decided to produce and star in the film.  Of course the road was not easy, but she was determined to tell the story accurately.  {This article tells the story perfectly!}  In the last 6 months, Reese and Cheryl constantly posted pictures as they have been together promoting Wild!  They share an authentic friendship.  Cheryl has been part of the movie every step of the way!  From advising on the movie, being on set during filming, starring in a cameo role, attending film festivals, speaking at press junkets, and getting red carpet ready for premiers.  I am not a Hollywood expert, but I doubt that happens very often!


I 100% adored every aspect of the book and I will wait impatiently until I can buy my movie ticket and settle in to enjoy this film!!  Are you going to see it?

CAN’T WAIT to see #wildmovie!

{Pictures via Reese and Cheryl’s Facebook pages}


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    Ditto and totes!

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