Equals LOVE!  Reese Witherspoon started film production on Wild last weekOh. My. Goodness. The film adaptation of the book by Cheryl Strayed is headed to the big screen. When I read this book earlier this year {read post here}, I could not put it down. I told all of my friends to read it.  It is a testament to the human spirit and our ability to overcome.

Now it is going to be a movie and I am more than excited to hear Cheryl Strayed is an integral part of the filming.  She wrote on her Facebook page last week, “I spent the past couple of days on location in beautiful central Oregon with the WILD film cast and crew watching as they transform not only my book but an era of my life into a movie. It’s an extraordinary experience to see Reese Witherspoon dressed in the clothes I wore on the trail, her hair the same style and color and cut as mine then, with my beloved/loathed Monster on her back packed just the way I packed it. I’m humbled and awed and so excited for you to see the movie! Here’s a shot of me on set.”

Oh, this makes me want to see it even more!!

Have you read the book? What did you think?  Will you see this movie?


{Images via Reese Witherspoon: WhoSay}

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  1. Melissa Sundberg says:

    LOVE Reese and excited to see movie! Just finished book a month ago!

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