November 17th, 2017

4 podcasts

Admittedly, I am a podcast junkie!  I thought you might enjoy a few that I have especially loved in the last couple of weeks.

1. The Longest Shortest Time: Episode #141-That’s a Real Mother, Part 1: Governor Mom // The first in a series focused on working moms and the discrimination they face in the workplace.  Fascinating.

2. Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations: Shonda Rhimes // Oprah and Shonda discuss the year of “yes” and how it changed Shonda’s life.

3.  Katie Couric: Pete Souza- Obama’s Photographer // An interview with Pete Souza, the official White House photographer for Obama’s 8 years in the White House.

4.  Fresh Air with Terry Gross: ‘Times’ Reporters Describe How a Paper Trail Helped Break the Weinstein Story //  The two female reporters discuss writing and researching the now infamous article about Harvey Weinstein.

I have linked all the Podcasts here so you could listen to these 4 episodes directly from this post.  I listen through the Podcast app on my iPhone.  Android users can listen too.

What podcasts do you love? I’m happy to share my favorites if you are interested.


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October 30th, 2017

simple holiday | Where is June?

I received a West Elm catalog last week and while flipping through I spotted this simple holiday wreath.  Well, not really a wreath.  I guess it’s more like a wall hanging. It always astonishes me how much fresh wreaths cost during the holidays.  (Only to put it in the yard waste come January.) I bought an artificial wreath last year, but it isn’t great.

This one looks simple enough to do yourself.  My local nursery always has clippings you can buy as a bundle.  It’s not easy to see what is wrapped around the stick to hold the greenery, but one can get creative.  If all else fails, I’ll take all the supplies with me (and the picture) to our neighborhood florist.

What do you think?

PS//  Looks like stacked wood, as a design feature, lives on.


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October 25th, 2017

weekly plan | Where is June?

In the Kitchen- A Weekly Plan is written to help limit the stress that comes with putting a healthy dinner on the table.  With busy lives and kids’ practices and activities happening at all hours during the evening, dinner might be the only time we have to look each other in the eye and spend uninterrupted time together.  This post provides six meal ideas for you.  Pick and choose which recipes work for your family.  My hope is that you get at least one meal to add to your menu this week!  I have tried them all and provide notes and the link below.

A few things to know in case you are new:

1.  I usually make my plan for the week on Saturday.  I find it’s helpful to organize myself so there is less scrambling during the week.

2.  I do all the cooking in my family.  All of it!

3.  My #1 criteria for weeknight meals is quick and easy.  No meal I post [unless a Sunday Dinner or a slow cooker meal] will take more than 45 minutes to prepare.

4.  All meals are 100% gluten free and dairy free.  [Because we are fun like that!] Many are Paleo or Whole 30 because there are terrific communities sharing tons of recipes.  Keep in mind, I only share recipes that are delicious!

5.  My kids do not eat everything I serve.  [And that, my friends, is an entirely different post.]

The Plan:

1. Pumpkin Shrimp Curry

I have posted about this dish before and I have made it for years!  You could easily substitute chicken if you don’t like seafood.

2.  Crowd Pleasing Vegan Caesar Salad  (Weekend Lunch)

This is a labor intensive salad, with lots of moving parts.  It was worth the effort and would be “crowd pleasing”.  Probably best to save for the weekend.  Maybe serve for brunch with a Bloody Mary?

3.  Egg Roll Bowls

So easy and packed with flavor.  You could serve this over rice if your family insists.

4.  Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken

It takes 5 minutes to throw the ingredients in the slow cooker, but this chicken is so amazing.  If you don’t ordinarily cook with ghee, I would recommend you try it.  It adds a rich flavor.  (You can always sub butter for ghee.)  Serve over sweet potato, baked potato, on a bun, or on nachos.  The list is endless.

5.  Forest Mushroom Bisque

This was a perfect Sunday evening soup.  Of course you must love mushrooms.  I used my immersion blender and it worked perfectly.  For those of you who can handle bread, fresh focaccia would be delightful.

6.  Creamy Vegan Shiitake & Kale Pasta

Always a pasta dish!  Can’t help it, I’m Italian.  You obviously do need to use gluten free pasta.  My husband teases me that every plan must include kale.  He isn’t a huge fan.  Spinach would work too.




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October 24th, 2017

modern home remodel| Where is June?

Disclaimer:  This is one of my best friend’s home.  It’s still beautiful though!

The remodel of this modern home is featured on dwell.com!  After moving in, my friends knew they wanted to open up the main floor so the dining, kitchen and living spaces flowed and accentuated their knock-out view.  They are both engineers, so to say they are exacting is an understatement.  Elements such as raising the ceiling, adding pops of orange on the exterior, outlets in the drawers (in order to keep a clean counter),  to trimless interior doors and a freestanding stove were all deliberate.  Their attention to detail paid off.  The amount of natural light that flows into this home is amazing and essential in the PNW.  In the summer months, the deck becomes an additional living space and is ideal for lounging and entertaining.

modern home remodel | Where is June?

I’m in love with the simplicity of this kitchen.  Can you spot the fridge?  Covering the refrigerator door with a cabinet front makes the kitchen seamless and cohesive. My favorite feature of this kitchen?  Two beverage drawers that can be stocked for parties and everyday living.  Brilliant.

modern home remodel | Where is June?

A staircase was added from the upper deck to the back yard, which was lacking before the remodel.  The covered patio underneath provides ample shade in the summer.  An old chairlift from Crystal Mountain transformed into a swing was seemingly destined to be part of this home.  The project may have taken 6+ months, but it was well worth it!

To see more photos of this home, pop over to Dwell.

Photos by Benjamin Benschneider



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October 19th, 2017

gift box 2

Here it is:  gift giving season is right around the corner.  I’m constantly challenging myself to give thoughtful gifts, yet not break the bank.  If you go to a ton of parties or have a large circle of friends and family it can get really expensive. You have to get creative-which takes a little extra planning.  I’m really pleased with myself.  I have already found my go-to gift idea of the season.  This delightfully cute, porcelain to-go container from CB2 is only $7.95!  Fill it with goodies and you’re done.  The recipient enjoys the treats and is left with a great serving piece for her home.  Full disclosure: the cookies pictured above are Betty Crocker refrigerator cookies.  We will call that semi-homemade.  {Why yes, they were made in my home!}   I have a brainstormed a list of goodie ideas from store bought to truly homemade below.


Treat ideas:

Store Bought

1.  Almond Roca (Everyone’s favorite, even if they won’t admit it!)

2. Peanut M & M’s

3.  Gardetto’s


1. Refrigerator cookies

2. Peanut Butter Chocolate Acorns

3.  Brownies from a box

Homemade (But still insanely easy!)

1.  Five Minute Fudge

2.  Easy Toffee

3.  4 Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies

4.  Sweet Pecans

Any other great ideas on how to fill this awesome bowl?  Leave a comment so we can all appreciate your creativity!


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October 9th, 2017

sunny fall field trip | Where is June?

My latest installment of {mom uniform} is for a field trip I am chaperoning this afternoon.  Coincidentally it is to the same location, that I created the Rainy Day Field Trip uniform three years ago.  Second kid in 5th grade and second time going to see the salmon run.  This time…lucky for me…it is supposed to be dry and sunny.  It is fall in the PNW, so warmth will still be necessary.

The uniform:

1. A pair of cropped flair jeans.  Raw hems are my new favorite because it allows me to “hem” for free.  (These come in regular and petite.)

2.  Black muscle tee.  If you follow me on Instagram, you will notice this is a recent purchase from my trip to Nashville.  Officially obsessed with Immogeene + Willie.

3.  Ultra Light Down Jacket.  I don’t own this jacket (yet), but a friend bought one last year and I compliment her every time she wears it.  The collar is perfection and some how makes a down jacket look chic.  And PS. It is under $60!

4.  Accessories!  Beanie and sunnies.

I was going to add shoes, but the white sneaks are kind of perfect!  I’m digging the muted fall colors and the comfort of this uniform.  It would also work for a fall farmer’s market or a Saturday flag football game.  Here’s hoping for many sunny fall days!

Other {Mom Uniforms}

Concert Cool and Mixed Prints


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October 4th, 2017

one forty three | Where is June?

I’m known to fall down a rabbit hole time and again!  I want something for my home, or my boys, or my wardrobe and I know that Google will give me the answer.  A couple of years ago when we were remodeling our family room I decided I wanted to hang my guitar on the wall. (Insert shameful emoji that I haven’t shared more about the finished project.  Are you still interested? I digress!) Guitars are so beautiful they can easily be used as wall art.  Lo and behold, my guitar hook wishes were granted by One Forty Three.  The hook is made of molded plywood with a leather grip to keep the guitar safe.  It’s gorgeous.

What?  You don’t have a guitar you want to hang on the wall?  Don’t fret.  They have so many amazing products.  Lighting, tables, chairs, and accessories.  Check them out!  I’m still in love with that delightfully cute plywood side shelf.  It would be perfect next to a guest bed.

Pictured above clockwise // guitar hook | side shelf | pendant lights | business card holder

Also, if one of you could please come over and force me decide where to hang my beautiful guitar, I can install the hook and share a picture.  (Add another shameful emoji.)


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September 18th, 2017

kelly oxford

Kelly Oxford started this conversation and the hashtag #notokay.  This isn’t a political post.  This wasn’t my planned post for today, but it literally wrote itself and forced me to push publish.

The event that wrote the post:

On Saturday night my family exited Husky Stadium in the 4th quarter.  Riding high from a soon-to-be solid victory, there was much celebrating and the tailgating had picked up again.  Although the walk was not far, there were many pedi-cabs at the exit offering rides to fans.  They were creatively lit and many had tunes pumping from portable speakers.  As we walked through the parking lot, I couldn’t help but notice a pedi-cap with two, middle-aged males being pedaled by a young female. You know the type: belligerent, loud and intoxicated.   They directed her to their vehicle.  She stopped the cab and stood up on her pedals.  One of the men promptly smacked her ass. They both laughed. Immediately aware that my 13 year old son witnessed it all, I looked at him and asked, “Did you see that?” He replied that he had seen it all.  The only thing that came to mind-which I quickly blurted out, “It’s never OK.”   He looked at me and said, “I know, Mom.”

At first I didn’t know why it pissed me off so intensely.  It’s not like it is the first time I had ever seen a woman get slapped on the ass.  Heck, it has happened to me countless times-in bars, sporting events, on the street, on a bus.  Then it dawned on me that it was probably the first time my son had seen it.  We haven’t had an in-depth conversation about it yet, but I can only imagine his brain was working overtime to figure it all out.  And after 43 years, I finally saw that aggressive action for EXACTLY what it is:  assault.  Gone are the days that I ignore it, accept it, simply endure it, or god-forbid even pretend to like it.  I should have said something.  Not to them, but I should have said something to her.  I should have walked over to her cab and stood with her.  After they left, I should have said, “I saw what they did.  You did nothing wrong.  You were doing a job.  It is not OK.”  Dammit, I should have said something to her.

I am going to stand on a virtual box and shout this truth out loud.  Do not touch me without my consent.  Do not comment on my legs as I ride my scooter past your construction site.  Do not slow your vehicle to shout and whistle at me when I am out for a run.  Do not let your hand linger when you give me a hug.  It is not flattering.  You are not being flirtatious. I am not a willing participant.  Do not slap her ass.  And do not let my kid see you do it!  It is never OK.

While my days of getting the hoots/hollers and grabs are limited and waning (thank you gravity and middle-age), there are younger women who are unlucky enough to fill my spot.  Please tell your story.  I know you have one. Tell it here. (I’ve added one of my stories to the comments.)  Share this this post.  Talk to a young woman or a young man.  If it was your daughter on that bike, it would never be OK.  NEWS FLASH: she is someone’s daughter!




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September 13th, 2017

a reading list

Permit me to totally geek out over a book list.  It might be the English Lit major in me, but man I’m excited about my 8th grader’s reading list for the year.  Last night was our curriculum night and his teachers shared the titles he will be reading this year.  The anchor document that his Language Arts teacher is using for the entire year is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  Ya, things have come a long way since I was in 8th grade.  I was totally impressed!  Without hesitation, I decided to read all of them too.  (Yep, there’s the book nerd in me!)  Hopefully it will be a way to talk about school and life in a non-evasive way.  One must tread lightly with teens!  In the very least, I will know the topics he is discussing at school.  As school kicks into high gear, consider reading the books on your child’s required reading list.

the required reading:

books 1books 2


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September 8th, 2017


Happy Friday!  After a 3 month hiatus from shopping there are a few staples that I would like to add to my closet.  I want to buy only one new pair of shoes for fall/winter.  After consideration, I’ve decided it should be a new pair of black boots.  In Seattle you get a ton of wear out of boots throughout fall and winter -probably more than any other shoe.  While in bed last night I was doing a little online, window shopping and found these 4 beauties.  All quite similar, but each have a slightly different block heel and the materials differ as well. For fun, I’m throwing it out to you.  Which boot do you like best?  I purposefully have not included price or designer.  {I will update with shopping details later!}

Let me know what you think?


Thank you to all the readers who responded on Friday!  I loved hearing the rationale of your selection.  #3 by Acne Studious had the fewest votes which is interesting. Although gorgeous those boots are by far the most expensive and never an actual option. #1 by Vince had a few votes for it’s lasting potential and uniform color with the black heel. #2 by Splendid and #4 by Jeffery Campbell were the darlings-with the Splendid boots getting the most votes.  My personal vote is either #2 or #4!  I’m going to order both and see which pair wins my heart.  I’ll keep you posted!

Shopping details:  Vince/Splendid/Acne Studios/Jeffery Campbell



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