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Long time readers might remember when I gave my little closet some love.  Well, my quest to simplify my closet and wardrobe continues.  The book, The Curated Closet, might change my life.  Ok, that might be overreaching.  Nonetheless, this beautiful book is a guide to finding your own personal style and building your dream wardrobe.  One chapter in particular jumped out at me and I think it’s a great place to start. A closet detox.  One must purge before one can rebuild.  I’m actually really good at this, but I know others find it really difficult.  Maybe the easiest question is to ask yourself, “Is this piece working?”  It’s a broad question, but one that gets down to it.  {Here are a few other ideas to think about when clearing out a closet.)  Once you detox, you will need to do something with your clothes.

In an attempt to reduce clothing waste, I’ve been researching ways to re-purpose my old clothes in thoughtful ways:

1. ThredUp

Ok, this isn’t a donation, but it’s a great option.  ThredUp is an online consignment store.  They will send you a large bag {postage paid}.  You load up the bag with clothes that are new or like new and send it back.  You are paid for some items right away and others you will be paid once the item sells.  The site is amazing and I plan to shop it once my hiatus is over.  Yes, you could take your clothes to local consignment store and that is a great option.  But honestly, this method fits into our lives easily.  More questions?  I found their FAQ very helpful.

2.  Madewell Denim Recycle

Take an old pair of denim to a Madewell store.  The company partners with Blue Jeans Go Green to recycle jeans into housing insulation.  Plus, they will give you $20 off a new pair of jeans.  Win-Win!

3.  Dress for Success

Donate professional clothing, shoes, accessories, and outerwear to this amazing charity.  This organization gives impoverished women professional attire to secure employment. This a perfect place to donate “work clothes” you no longer need!

4.  Local Women’s Shelter

Find a women’s shelter in your city that is in need of clothing for women and donate directly.  Mary’s Place in Seattle is wonderful option to directly impact women in our area.

Do you have other ideas on how to donate consciously?  I’d love to hear from you.




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  1. Abbey says:

    I sell a lot of my old stuff on Offer Up or Poshmark!

  2. Polly says:

    Wow, I never knew Madewell had that program! Good to know!

  3. Jean Krsak says:

    Thanks for this great blog. I have used 2 of the sites you refer to.

    I think this will be a project for me in June.

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