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Life is beautiful, white and bright, and perfectly curated. Well, at least it is for the creatives, hipsters, and the cool kids on Instagram.

So, how perfect is Socality Barbie?  A brunette, bombshell of a doll posing in all the cool Northwest spots, making your life look sad and depressing.  And totally making fun of all those living an authentic life and snapping shots of their artisan coffee.  Created by a Portland based photographer, choosing to remain anonymous, Socality Barbie is totally off the hook with over 1.2 million followers.  {Just two weeks ago, she only had 7,ooo!}  Personally, I laugh out loud every time a new post pops up in my feed.

Wired describes Socality Barbie:

Socality Barbie is a fantastic Instagram account satirizing the great millennial adventurer trend in photography. It’s an endless barrage of pensive selfies in exotic locales, arty snapshots of coffee, and just the right filter on everything. Anyone who’s flipped through an issue of Kinfolk gets the aesthetic. And it’s everywhere on Instagram.

The woman behind the account is a wedding photographer in Portland, Oregon, who wishes to remain anonymous so to preserve Socality Barbie’s authenticity. She created the Instagram about three months ago to poke fun at all the people hashtagging photos with #liveauthentic and #socality. The homogeneity of their authenticity and universality of their socality all but demanded satirization. “People were all taking the same pictures in the same places and using the same captions,” she says. “I couldn’t tell any of their pictures apart so I thought, ‘What better way to make my point than with a mass-produced doll?’”

The descriptions make the pictures ridiculously funny.  Take 5 minutes and read a few.  I promise it will totally make your Wednesday!

Oh, and who can forget the hashtags?  #liveauthentic #thatpnwlife #finditliveit #communityfirst

June {LOVES} Socality Barbie.

PS// She kills it in this interview.


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Where is June?


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