There are lines in movies that just stick with you.  Sometimes they are poetic or thought provoking.  Sometimes they are just laugh out loud funny!  My favorite line in Crazy, Stupid, Love. is during the scene when Emma Stone {Hannah} goes home with Ryan Gosling {Jacob} for the first time.

“Will you take your shirt off?  F#*k!  Seriously?  It’s like your Photoshopped!”

So good, right?  She said what everyone was thinking. I love that!  I wasn’t a huge Ryan Gosling fan before I saw this movie.  {I know!  All of you Notebook fans just audibly gasped.}  However, there is something about him.

Rumor has it that he is going to have a baby with Eva Mendez.  That might possibly be the best looking offspring, EVER!

What are your favorite movie lines?

Happy Wednesday.



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