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When I find a new beauty product that works, I feel that it is my duty to share the info.  In recent months I have come across three such products.  Here is the 411:

1.  Biore Self Heating One Minute Mask

I may have a slight addiction.  The packaging states to use this one to two times per week.  I wish it could be every day!  This totally affordable mask treatment warms as you apply it to your face and leaves your skin clear, soft and dewy.  I do not exaggerate, I am addicted.

2.  Pix! Shea Butter Lip Balm

Love!  This is the creamiest lip balm ever!  The best part?  The tint!  I use Coral Crush.  It gives my lips just a touch of natural looking color.  Perfect for summer when you don’t wear a lot of makeup.  These would also be great for tweens who are ready to wear a bit of make up.  {They are exclusive to Birchbox}

3.  Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer

I wish I could accurately describe the feel of this primer.  The best I can do is liquid powder.  It is so light, you can’t tell it is on.  However, any creams or foundations you put on after applying the primer become flawless!  I have tried many primers and they are either heavy or don’t really work.  This one is win-win!  Magic really.


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