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I have dropped out of numerous book clubs because I never seem to read the book and always feel guilty showing up for the discussion unprepared.  Who needs one more thing to feel guilty about?  However, I do love spending time with girlfriends.  So a friend and I decided we would start a movie club.  Once a month.  Friday matinée.  Right now it is a club of two, but membership has its privileges.  Seeing a matinée during the week is a decadent treat!  This month we saw American Hustle.  Oh, my lord.  I am sure you have all seen it, but if you haven’t…run don’t walk to your nearest theater.  The hair and costumes alone make it PURE entertainment.  Amy Adams was fantastic and Jennifer Lawrence plays crazy like no one else!

During the previews, we selected our movie for March.  Bad Words.  A spelling bee loser, played by Jason Bateman, sets out to exact revenge by finding a loophole and attempting to win as an adult.  Watch the trailer.  The humor is so offensive you can’t help but laugh out loud.  I love Jason Bateman and really can’t wait to see it.

Since it doesn’t come out until March, what shall we see in February?  Send me any tips on must-see movies!  Have a wonderful weekend.

{Warning:  This trailer is not PG.  Watch without children in the room}



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