Where is June | lunch prep

I am sharing a series this week to help ready your kids {and yourself} for school while maintaining your sanity.

Let’s do lunch. I have a couple of ideas to help get ready for eating lunch at school.  I won’t talk about what to pack for lunch because, in my opinion, that is an entirely different topic .  Today is about the art of eating lunch in a cafeteria.  To eat in a lunch room can be overwhelming.  The noise, the action, and major distractions are all obstacles to actually eating.  I truly believe that a little lunchtime practice sets kids up for success once they head to school.

First, how you pack is almost as important as what you pack.  There are usually very few adults in the cafeteria to help kids open items in their lunch.  It is essential they can do it on their own.  For young children, especially for Kindergarteners, I suggest packing a normal lunch-in their new lunch box- and having them practice opening all the containers and bags.

Where is June | lunch prep

If you find your child has a hard time opening an item, consider packing it in a reusable plastic container, a reusable bag, or a ziplock bag.  They are much easier to open.  This will eliminate frustration, allow them to be independent at lunch, and getting them eating right away.

Where is June | lunch prep

For all kids, it is good to set a timer and practice eating in the time allotted for lunch.  My boys have a 20 minute lunch {although by the time their class arrives in the cafeteria and finds a table it is most likely shorter}.  I have found that even 15 minutes is plenty of time – if they are actually eating.  Will your kids buy lunch at school?  Ask if the school has a mentor program for younger kids.  This will help them navigate the system and not feel overwhelmed.

P.S.  Once school starts, consider slipping in a treat on Fridays and a little lunch box love.

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