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In the Pacific Northwest we are sprinting toward the finish line of summer break.  For me, the goal is to enjoy the last bits of unstructured time before my role switches from entertainer to enforcer.  This week I am sharing a Back to School series, as I ready my kids {and myself} for school while maintaining my sanity!

First up, shopping.  I have always loved {LOVED} back to school shopping.  I have discovered, however, that my boys do not share this same passion.  After fighting it for several years, I have devised a plan that seems somewhat fool proof.  It’s simple, we don’t do it.   I purchase only a few items to start the year and then we purchase items as we need them.  My boys happen to always have growth spurts that don’t coincide with the beginning of school, so it seems silly to buy clothes they will out grow in just a few short months.

Our shopping list:

  • 1.  One pair of jeans, preferably gray. {They rarely choose to wear them on their own accord [they prefer warm-ups], but jeans are their dress pants.}
  • 2. One new t-shirt. {It warms my heart to see them head to school on the first day in a shirt without grease spots and popsicle stains.}
  • 3.  New shoes.
  • 4.  New socks and underwear

That’s it and we are already DONE! Well, Big W has also added a Gatorade water bottle onto his wish list, so I have one more purchase to make.

For those of you with fashion crazed girls, I sense there will be some push back. How about this?  Purchase ONE back-to-school outfit, including all essential accessories.  Then, when the weather begins to cool, make a date and go shopping. This way you can enjoy a short day of shopping prior to school,  you don’t have to say no to the all-important pair of sunglasses or earrings, and you get the rest done once the mania has subsided.

{Quicksilver Jeans, Gatorade water bottle, Junk Food vintage T, Chuck Taylor All Stars, Skylander briefs}

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