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Lately, I have been wanting to go to the movies.  I have been wanting to go all on my own.  There is something about grabbing some Milk Duds and going to a matinee that really appeals to me.  It wouldn’t be a lonely thing to do…you don’t talk to anyone during a movie, do you? I thought about it during the school year, when I have a bit of free time, but never did it.  Now the kids are with me all day [everyday] so I will have to wait.  Bummer too, because there a few movies I would really like to see.  Kings of Summer and The Way Way Back are quintessential coming-of-age movies.  The Bling Ring is just guilty pleasure and I like Sofia Coppola.





Have you ever been to the movies by yourself?  Do you think I will like it?

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2 Responses to “A MOVIE FOR ONE”

  1. Kirsten says:

    I have been to the movies by myself. It was just fine. Go for it and enjoy the show!

    • Where is June? says:

      Maybe I will get a sitter and squeeze a little “me” time in during the next few weeks! xo-denise

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