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I’m known to fall down a rabbit hole time and again!  I want something for my home, or my boys, or my wardrobe and I know that Google will give me the answer.  A couple of years ago when we were remodeling our family room I decided I wanted to hang my guitar on the wall. (Insert shameful emoji that I haven’t shared more about the finished project.  Are you still interested? I digress!) Guitars are so beautiful they can easily be used as wall art.  Lo and behold, my guitar hook wishes were granted by One Forty Three.  The hook is made of molded plywood with a leather grip to keep the guitar safe.  It’s gorgeous.

What?  You don’t have a guitar you want to hang on the wall?  Don’t fret.  They have so many amazing products.  Lighting, tables, chairs, and accessories.  Check them out!  I’m still in love with that delightfully cute plywood side shelf.  It would be perfect next to a guest bed.

Pictured above clockwise // guitar hook | side shelf | pendant lights | business card holder

Also, if one of you could please come over and force me decide where to hang my beautiful guitar, I can install the hook and share a picture.  (Add another shameful emoji.)


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  1. Jean Krsak says:

    I hope you bought two hooks. I remember seeing two (2) guitars down there. It will be like art work!!!! Just be prepared for visitors to come and take one down and pass it around. 😉 Momma Bear
    ps….I love this idea
    Mike has had a guitar for a million years and it sits inside the bag. Great B’Day gift, I’m thinkin’, right?

  2. Jill hartman says:

    Along with family room pictures, I want you to post your bathroom remodel pictures!

  3. katrina says:

    Thanks for posting about OFT! Their work is beautiful and love the minimalist design with the natural materials!

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Where is June?


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