Happy Friday!  After a 3 month hiatus from shopping there are a few staples that I would like to add to my closet.  I want to buy only one new pair of shoes for fall/winter.  After consideration, I’ve decided it should be a new pair of black boots.  In Seattle you get a ton of wear out of boots throughout fall and winter -probably more than any other shoe.  While in bed last night I was doing a little online, window shopping and found these 4 beauties.  All quite similar, but each have a slightly different block heel and the materials differ as well. For fun, I’m throwing it out to you.  Which boot do you like best?  I purposefully have not included price or designer.  {I will update with shopping details later!}

Let me know what you think?


Thank you to all the readers who responded on Friday!  I loved hearing the rationale of your selection.  #3 by Acne Studious had the fewest votes which is interesting. Although gorgeous those boots are by far the most expensive and never an actual option. #1 by Vince had a few votes for it’s lasting potential and uniform color with the black heel. #2 by Splendid and #4 by Jeffery Campbell were the darlings-with the Splendid boots getting the most votes.  My personal vote is either #2 or #4!  I’m going to order both and see which pair wins my heart.  I’ll keep you posted!

Shopping details:  Vince/Splendid/Acne Studios/Jeffery Campbell



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7 Responses to “HELP ME CHOOSE | NEW BOOTS”

  1. jennie King says:

    While I love all 4, number one is my favorite. I like that the heel is all black.. Cant wait to get the shopping details!!

  2. PIper Henry says:

    I vote for 2. All are beautiful….

  3. Linda Bedord says:

    I have to agree with Jennie, I like number one the best. Two & four are okay, I’m not sure about the wood looking heel with the black, maybe in brown? But number three is too out there for me! Gold??

  4. Kirsten Bourke says:

    I think #3 fits your personality.

  5. Abbey Olivo says:

    That is surprising that #3 got no love, I think those gold heels are fab! #2 is my second choice.

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