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I am inspired by companies and brands who support a cause as part of their mission.  It is lovely to know that a purchase has a greater good.  In a continuing series, I will highlight these companies and the amazing causes they support.  Like always, if you know a brand that I should feature – please leave a comment or message me directly.

FEED is a company that helps feed children in need around the world.  It was started by Lauren Bush Lauren in 2007 in response to her travels and seeing hunger firsthand.  Every FEED product is stamped with a number that signifies the amount of meals or micronutrient provided with its purchase.  You know exactly what the impact your purchase will have in the world. Many of the meals provided are a school lunch, which for some children will be the only meal of the day.  With a school lunch provided, attendance increases and kids are in school more often.  The ripple effects are endless.

A few of my favorite products from the FEED site, but it was quite hard to choose:

Scarf/Saddle Bag/FEED 1 Bag/Tee


FEED recently opened the FEED Shop and Cafe in Brooklyn.  Such a fun way to sip coffee, buy a gift and do good for the world!


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