holiday wrap palette | Where is June?

‘Tis the season and it’s time to wrap! Last year I shared my holiday palette of gift wrap and my admission of being OCD when it comes to wrapping presents.  I love choosing new papers each year and The Container Store has the best gift wrap shop!  Last year my theme was Snowy Cottage Glam and included golden glitter paper.  The palette was amazing but the glitter sucked.  I can’t stand the side-effects of glitter.  One gift and I was covered in glitter, as was my bedroom floor.

This year my theme is Festive Mountain Lodge.  Steering clear of the glitter, I am choosing a more understated, woodsy theme.  I fell in love with navy blue antler wrap and built the rest of the palette around it.  Antlers, birch bark, gray gabardine, and winter plaid papers are exactly what I imagine under the tree at a rustic mountain lodge.  Tie-ons and ribbon will finish the packages.  I kind of love it!

holiday palette 2015 | Where is June?


Winter Plaid/Birch Bark/Antlers/Gray Gabardine

Take a peek at all the wrapping choices at The Container Store.  Which are your favorites?

*Not sponsored, just inspired.



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