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Typically I tumble into a fitness rut in the fall.  I launch the kids into a new school year and then begin to hibernate.  Last year I found it near impossible to pull myself out of it come spring, so I knew I needed to do something different.  I think age has a lot to do with and I have learned I can’t really take “time off”.   There is no bouncing back anymore, so my commitment to fitness must be steady.

In an attempt to break my nasty fall habit, I joined a TRX Team in early September.  The team ran for six consecutive weeks, meeting 3 days a week for an hour.  Our final class was last Friday.  Our fearless coach asked us to send her a testimonial regarding the team and our experience.


My testimonial:

I joined the TRX team in hopes that my historical fall slump could be avoided.

I have found that the commitment has been exceptional for me in many ways.

1. I had noticed that my focus on cardio exercise, namely running, had left me with little to no arm and core strength.  I began to see definition return within the first two weeks of the class.  I can only imagine how strong I will be by the end of six weeks.

2.  I have structured my days around the Team workout and have found I am extremely productive.  All areas of my life have benefited from a structure and schedule.

3.  I don’t weigh myself, so I can’t measure my progress in pounds.  I can measure it in energy.  I feel great all day long, including the afternoon when typically I slump.  I have been sleeping great and my clothes are fitting quite comfortably.


I am stronger, much stronger, six weeks later.  Additionally, the team increased my productivity and my energy.  For me the real work begins today.  Without the structure of a team I will need to be self-motivated.  My plan is to create my own weekly schedule, so that I have an allocated time and activity for each day.  Wish me luck!

In the end, accountability to my coach and fellow teammates was great motivation.  While we didn’t all have the same goals, the support and encouragement from the other women on the team was just what I needed to keep showing up.  Do you have fitness goals?  Whether big or small, I strongly suggest finding a team.  Find an established team or form your own.  Heck, form a team of two.  Just you and your bestie training for a 5K or taking 30 yoga classes together.  In the end you will be strong, happy, and connected.


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Where is June?


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