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A few weeks ago, when I had the TV all to myself, I watched the touching documentary Tig on Netflix.  I was transfixed by the humor, the sadness, and by Tig.  The story follows stand-up comedian, Tig Notaro.  In short, Tig faces unimaginable odds in one calendar year to be topped off with a breast cancer diagnosis.  How does she respond?  She does a comedy set about it {and wins a Grammy}.  It is a story of resiliency, love, loss, and humor.  But most importantly, she is really, really funny.

I am totally crushin’ on Tig.

Then, to my surprise, a comedy special aired for the first time this past weekend on HBO called Boyish Girl Interrupted.  I missed it, but thank goodness for On Demand.  My boys wandered in when I was watching and they sat down and started laughing immediately. {I am certain that it isn’t 100&% kid appropriate, they just watched a few minutes before I turned it off.}


I highly recommend watching BOTH if you can.  I am also dying to watch a Showtime special with Tig in which she does stand-up in people’s homes, but I am not a subscriber.  Anyone have Showtime and want to invite me over?

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  1. PIper Henry says:

    Love, love, love Tig!!!!! Watched “Boyish, Girl Interrupted” and loved it. I share your crush. Thank-you for the recommendation!!!! Wish I had Showtime….



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