Joan Didion for Celine

I follow a ton of fashion blogs and sites.  They all blew up this week with a new ad from Celine. {photo by Juergen Teller}.  Joan Didion appears in a campaign for the luxury brand.  I am not posting about this because I am super excited about the new line.  I don’t own anything from Celine, nor do I foresee myself buying anything in the near future.  The price point is beyond my income {of $0}!  No.  I am posting because I instantly fell in love with the image.  Those sunglasses and Joan rocking all that 80 brings!  I mean really, it is so refreshing.  So I fell down a rabbit hole earlier this week reading everything I could about Joan Didion.  She started as staff writer at Vogue in the 60’s and quickly became a published novelist and essay writer.  I won’t try and write a biography about her, but it is worth doing a little reading yourself.

I love {L O V E} that she is in this ad campaign.  She represents real beauty.  She has a lived a life.  Full of family, success, and heart ache.  She wears 80 proudly.  It doesn’t seem like she tries to be anything but herself.  She is brilliantly talented and she owns it.  That makes her beautiful.

Her nephew, Griffin Dunne, is producing a documentary on her life.  The trailer for We Tell Ourselves Stories In Order to Live makes me to want to know more about this strikingly intelligent, brilliant woman.


Oh, and she isn’t a stranger to the camera.  Julian Wasser photographed her in 1968 for Time Magazine.  She sits in her own Stingray, holding a cigarette, seemingly unaffected that someone is taking her picture. I mean this girl has been cool for a long, long time.

Joan Didion/CAR

What do you think about this campaign?

I 100% admire everything about Joan Didion.  Have you read any of her books?  If you have 5 minutes read her essay on self-respect.


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