I promised a post about making your own wrapping paper!  To accent the holiday palette that I chose this year, I thought it would be fun to add a few small gifts with customized wrapping paper.  I would not advise doing this with large gifts, unless you are going to paint the words.  This DIY is really easy and you don’t have to be crafty.  If you can write you can do this.  Actually, have your kids do it.  Their darling handwriting on the paper would be a gift in itself.  Grandparents love that kind of stuff!

Step one:

Gather your paper {I used this one}, a pen and your gift.  I used a gold paint Sharpie, but on black paper white would look awesome too!

DIY Holiday Wrap supplies

Step 2:

Write your message.  I wrote diagonally because I find that easier!  Any message works!

DIY Holiday Wrap write your message

Step 3:

Wrap it and gift it!


Give it a try.  The wrapped gifts turn out great.

PS::  Is there someone on your list that would love What Shat That? [The Pocket Guide to Poop Identity]?  Find it here! AND you’re welcome.


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