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I went to work yesterday.  For the first time in almost eight years, I got up {early}, showered, got dressed and worked outside of my home. Here’s the bonus:  I made some money!  In a former life I was an elementary school teacher and yesterday I spent my day with delightful third graders.  I was their substitute.  You know what?  It was kinda awesome.  To be honest, I didn’t know if I would like it.  I didn’t really have any expectations.   At my first break I sent a text to Aaron: “So far so good!  Kids are at recess.  It has been a super fun morning.”

For now, I decided to work two days a week.  No need to rush anything and I wasn’t sure how my three boys were going to adjust.  Specifically, the biggest one.  Home is my domain in every sense of the word.  Aaron and I have settled into very traditional roles.  Remember that modern-day house wife thing?  That isn’t just a catchy phrase.  I am the real deal baby!  In a slow release of control, I simply asked Aaron to get the kids school.  He gladly accepted, but shuddered a bit when I told him next week he would also be making lunches.

Wouldn’t you know that on my first day back at work, Little Man would run a fever at school and need to come home.  Par for the course around here.  Through a comedy of errors, the office was unable to reach me {my phone was on silent} or Aaron {he has a new cell number}.  Thankfully a friend on Little Man’s emergency contact list was able to hunt Aaron’s number down, relay it to school, and daddy came to the rescue.  The greatest thing?  This all happened without me.  I didn’t have chance to check my phone until lunch and by then it was all sorted out.  My husband totally rocked it today.  He put his day on hold, took care of his baby boy, and never once needed my help.  Well done, sir.  We’ve got this.

“We are all in this together.”  If you are long time reader, you will know this as my favorite quote.  For the last eight years I have tried to live it.  Parenting is truly the hardest job on earth and we all need help every now and then.  My time at home has afforded me the luxury of not having to juggle schedules, worry about child care or stress about who will pick up my sick child from school.  Lucky for me I have been able to do this for friends from time to time.  Being a supportive friend will continue to be a guiding force in my life.  Although in the weeks to come, I may be the one who needs to ask for a favor.

So, hats off to the girls who run a household, lovingly raise their children and forge amazing careers outside the home.  How about a round of applause for the women who make a home, cherish their kids, volunteer at school, take extras in the carpool, and step up in a time of crisis for a friend?   And can I get an AMEN for all the friends who answer the phone and say, “Yep, no problem.”?

Best thing about working part-time?  I’m back at home today nursing the little one back to health, packing for a big family weekend away, and updating the emergency contacts at the boys’ school.  Love each other today.  We all need it!  xoxo


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