scenes from our week

Wow!  Our week was non-stop!  When the weather is beautiful, you just can’t help but get up with sun and wait for the stars.  A few nights we didn’t leave the lake until well after 9pm.  The benefits of lots of light and warm evenings are hard to measure.

A few scenes from our week:

1.  We joined a kayak gang!  My boys used their own money and purchased kayaks on Monday. {We were lucky and found them on sale at Sports Authority.} They paddled everyday.  We work as a team to get them to and fro, but they are quite light and fit perfectly in the back of my car.

2.  Chilled Rose is quite possible the perfect summer wine.  I am sipping it every night.  Miradou is a good wine a great price!

3.  Summer.  Friends.  That’s all.

4.  We discovered saki slushies at Tom Douglass’ Tanaka San.  Hmmm, grown up slurpees?  Yes, please.

Have a great week.


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