Where is June?| simple gallery wall

If you follow me on Pinterest, you already know about my small obsession with gallery walls.  I have pinned and pinned and pinned.  I want one, badly.  The problem is – I have done nothing.  Well, that is not entirely true.  I have purchased three pieces that I love.  They all happen to be black and white.  I am clearly drawn to clean and simple.  The gallery walls above reflect a monochromatic or a simple aesthetic.  On the total flip side, I love walls that are colorful, eclectic, and haphazard.

Where is June?| Eclectic gallery wall

What is a girl to do?  Here are my problems/questions:

1.  A gallery wall can be expensive to get going.  You have to find the pieces and frame each one!  Yikes – that can add up.  I have three pieces that I think are a good start.  {However, like I said above they are all black and white.}  Is three enough?  Should I add color to the mix?

2.  The frames themselves also pose a dilemma.  Do you choose the same color or go for all the frames different?  I like the look of mixed frame color and I think it will be easier in the long run.   That is easier said than done.  I love vintage frames.  Where do you find those?  Mats or no mats?

3.   Do I stick with all prints or do I toss in a few photos?  I kind of love the idea of framing some Instagram shots from our travels and adventures.  They would be easy to change frequently so the wall is always current and interesting.  Good idea?

And again my head is swimming and my dining room wall stands bare.  HELP!  Anyone out there have amazing tips and is willing to share?  Do tell!

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Where is June?


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