cut and cuffed

All winter I wore a pair of Old Navy Rockstar skinnies.  The price is right-on and they are super comfortable.  Since I am only 5′ {with heels} they wore really long, but I liked the look with my boots.  Now that spring has arrived, the length was bugging me.  At full-price they are under $35, so I didn’t want to pay to get them hemmed.  While I am no seamstress, I can use a pair of scissors.  My solution to the length problem was just to cut and cuff them!

Step 1: Cuff jeans to the desired length.

Good lord!  Yes, I am ridiculously short!  A cuff that big would look comical.  {They needed to be cut!}

step 1 cuff

Step 2:  Measure for the length of the desired cuff.

I wanted my cuff to be about 2″, so I used my trusty sewing ruler.

step 2 measure

Step 3:  Draw a straight line and flip inside out.

Using a straight edge, I drew a line 2″ higher {than the desired length} on each leg and then flipped the jeans inside out.

step 3 flip inside out

Step 4:  Cut and wash.

Using sharp sewing scissors I cut both legs at the measured line.  It is important to wash the jeans or they won’t fray.  {And it just looks silly if they are cut and not frayed.}

step 4 cut and wash

I am so happy with the finished look that I am going to do the same thing with a pair of Rockstar White Super Skinny Jeans.  If you didn’t want to cuff the jeans, just cut at the desired length and wash.  Easiest and least expensive alterations you will ever find.  ROCK ON!

P.S.  So here’s the deal.  I am not a fashion blogger.  I totally get that!  Rest assured, there will not be future posts of me modeling my outfit of the day.  Yesterday I needed a shot of my finished project so I set up my handy tri-pod and snapped the top photo.  Self-timer action was in full effect.  It was pure entertainment for the landscaping crew working next door.  I can only imagine what they were saying about me!  xoxo


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