While writing my blog must still be considered a hobby-since I don’t receive any income from it-during the last year I shifted thinking of it as much more. People do this kind of thing full-time and make a living.  Here’s what I know.  I love doing it!  How great would it be if this was my job?  It has inspired me to learn new skills, push through fear, sit with disappointment, and appreciate support.  I have running lists in my head of posts and ideas.  Writing and creating content is my most favorite thing to do during the week.  I adore what I do.

Like in any industry there are super stars.  Recently, I felt myself being envious of these rockin’ chicks, who seem to have it all going on.  HUGE partnerships with companies, travel opportunities, photo shoots, free designer loot, and on and on.  I was throwing myself little, daily pity parties.  Yuck. Then I checked myself.  Jealousy green doesn’t look good on me, even on St. Patrick’s Day.  That shit {pardon me for actually spelling out a 4-letter word} will get me no where.  Gave that up somewhere in my 30’s and I am NOT going back.  So, I began leaving comments on my favorite bloggers’ posts wishing them well and complimenting them on a job well done.  Put good out into the world feels so much better.

I  also forced myself to do the same for Where is June.  I listed my blogging accomplishments since last July.  It was such an empowering exercise.  And here’s the thing-writing a blog makes no difference unless someone reads it.  It might only be eighty people on a given day, but I have readers that are lovely, caring and supportive.  A few of them joined me yesterday in my home for a little thank you party.  My plan was to take pictures and share with you the details- but I didn’t snap one photo.  And I am glad I didn’t.  I was thoroughly enjoying the amazing women that came to celebrate.  In our social media age, life and blogs often appear gorgeous and perfect through a lens.  However, the party and fun happen when you put the phone down and are part of the moment.  You don’t need a 4×4 picture to let you know you are fun, beautiful, and how very lucky you are!

So, a huge heartfelt thank you and a big {hot pink} kiss from me to you.  Keep reading and share the love.  xoxo

**As another thank you, if you place an order of $100 or more from my Where is June? {loves} Stella & Dot trunk show, my dear friend Regan will add the Cleopatra studs {one of my favorites} as an extra special gift.


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