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This is an insanely late post for Valentine’s Day, but I can’t really apologize.  If your house is like mine, most things are put off to the bitter end.  Decorating Valentine vessels is no different!  Little Man is to decorate a gift bag and Big W a traditional box.  Both boys are still nuts for Minecraft and wanted themed containers instead of the traditional fare.  {NO pink, red, hearts or arrows for them.}  We used the forever, awesome Google image search and got creative.  For Little Man, I used the heart cut-out frames in PicMonkey to edit his favorite images.  They are now large hearts to take up a good portion of the front and back of the bag.  Big W asked me for smaller images, so we simply inserted the images into a Word document and re-sized them.  I also used the design feature in PicMonkey to create images for their names.  Done and done in less than 30 minutes.  Not perfect, but they certainly are unique. {And very blue!}

minecraft diamond heart

minecraft valentine box

minecraft box details

Big W also used Cool Blue Camo stickers from Pear Tree Greetings to jazz up his box.  He has informed me that it isn’t done yet.  The project that keeps on giving.

Do you have someone who still needs to decorate a box?  There may be some of you out there needing to knock this project off the list.  Maybe I can help?  Instead of doing a tutorial on how to make these printables, I just decided to include them. It saves me time, but more importantly, it saves YOU time. It is crunch time.  Now you just have to print, cut and paste!  Your printer just became your best friend!  They are yours if you want them!

Free printable documents to download:

Small Minecraft Printable

Minecraft Horse Heart Printable

Minecraft Diamond Heart Printable

Images via:

small Minecraft Valentine cards//walking Steve//Steve on horseback//Minecraft sword and diamonds

{Cool Blue Camo Stickers c/o Pear Tree Greetings}



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