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Yesterday the Internet was down at our house all day.  (Winds and a very large tree proved too much for little cable lines.)  I had grand plans to get ahead of the game yesterday, but instead I found myself idle.

No streaming Pandora music, no editing pictures with an online tool, no new posts, no searching Pinterest for inspiration, no access to sign up my boys for baseball, no sending email to a teacher, no searching for new recipes or airline flights. Nope.

So, after a few moments of bewilderment, I remembered there is plenty to do that doesn’t involve my computer.  I listened to my own playlists, spent time reading my stack of magazines, made cookies, folded clothes, made a pot of tea, cleaned out a junk drawer, and filled a bag for donation.

It was an incredibly, enjoyable afternoon.  I am certain I should do it more often.  Just push away from the computer, leave my phone in my purse, and fill my time with activities that don’t involve a screen.  We expect our kids to do it, don’t we?  My computer is in my kitchen, so I always have access to it.  Even though I am not sitting in front of it all of the time, I will just “jump on for a minute” to check this or that. Wow!  That is kind of scary, isn’t it?  I am adding to my list of things I would love in 2014Less time wasted in front of my computer.

So, what activities do you LOVE to do when you aren’t “connected”?  I am eager to hear.  What do you do with idle {screen free} time at home?

Image:  Birds on a Wire Photo Art


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3 Responses to “IDLE TIME”

  1. Piper Henry says:

    I’m going to practice, (actually tune) my guitar today. It’s been sooo long since I last played, my fingertips should last about 5 minutes. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step…..

    • Where is June? says:

      love this idea. I should do the same. Well, learn to play that is. I tried to tune my guitar in the fall and broke a string. Better get it fixed! xo

  2. Brandon Colker

    IDLE TIME | | Where is June?

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