putty creatures

Little Man received Putty Creatures as a gift during the holiday season and it was instantly kid approved!  A small tin of Thinking Putty {made with silicone-based inert non-toxic synthetic rubbber} can make any creature imaginable!  The eyeballs were his favorite!  Each tin comes with one set.  Make your creature, push in some eyeballs, and call it awesome.  When you are done creating- simply squish the putty back into the tin and put the lid on it until next time.

I loved that it was a gift he wanted to play with right away.  It involved no screens, yet he was engaged and having fun.  I think I am going to order a few of these and keep them on hand for birthday gifts.  We are always looking for a unique present to take along to friends’ parties without breaking the bank.  This is it.  Putty Creatures, a pack of gum, and some candy in a clear goodie bag.  Done and done.


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