Dumb Bunnies

Reading should be fun and funny!  Oh my gosh, your boys {and girls} will totally dig these books. The humor is aimed directly at boys, in my opinion.  You be the judge.

A line from The Dumb Bunnies’ Easter:   ” Poppa Bunny carved the turkey, Momma Bunny tossed the salad…and Baby Bunny cut the cheese.  ‘That’s my boy,’ said Poppa Bunny.

Nothing like toilet humor, right?  The 4-book series is written by Dav Pilkey, under the pseudonym “Sue Denim”.  It follows a hilarious family of dumb bunnies.  Giggles, from kids and parents, are guaranteed.  The plot lines are outrageous and full of backwards adventures.  Little Man asks for them over and over.  Big W loves to be the one to read them to him!  Win-Win.

PS.  I kind of have a crush on Dav Pilkey.  He writes books kids WANT to read.  {It is quite a mind blowing concept.}  In addition, I think his autobiography {read its entirety here} is the coolest thing around!  Check it out.

dav pilkey autobiogarphy

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