somethings come between us

Lately, I feel like something’s come between us.  I’m cool with that.

My husband gave me this card a few years ago on Mother’s Day.  It still makes me giggle and I am sure many of you can relate.  This time of year, when we set our clocks back an hour, was always miserable with babies and toddlers.  My boys never got the memo that we were given an extra hour of sleep.  It always took days for their own clocks to adjust.  Which, in turn, was just exhausting.

Since my oldest was an infant we have shared our bed intermittently with a child.  In the beginning I was simply too tired and lazy to get up at an ungodly hour, so I would grab him from his crib and bring him to bed with us.  Lucky me, he would always go back to sleep-giving me a couple more hours of precious sleep.  I used to worry because there was always chatter among the mommies regarding the “right” way to do things.  Was I harming my young child for life?  Would he be sleeping with us forever?  I quietly doubted my decisions.  Well, you know what?  That big kid sleeps through the night by himself.  All that worry was for nothing!

Little Man rarely slept with us when he was tiny {mostly because there wasn’t any room}.  A couple of years ago he began crawling into bed around 4am most mornings.  It isn’t every day anymore, but we have something between us at least once a week.  Guess what?  I love it!   I know this window of time will close- in the not too distant future- and I am going to cuddle for as long as I can.  My husband just smiles and shakes his head.  He knows not to fight it, plus the kid sleeps so close to me he doesn’t even know he is there.  This time there is no mommy chatter.  And if there was, I wouldn’t give it any thought.  How wonderful is that?  Mothering isn’t for the weak, but somethings DO get easier.

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