stacked wood

Call it my latest visual obsession, but I can not get enough of stacked wood!  I was first taken by the idea of stacking wood rounds {or split wood} in a fireplace.  It is genius for a non-working fireplace or one you don’t use regularly.  I love that it adds a natural element to a room.  The mismatched shapes of the wood make it just plain awesome.  How about wood stacked next the fireplace-floor to ceiling?  Again, genius.  Storing wood, actually used to build a fire, and using it as part of the room’s decor.  The possibilities are seemingly endless.  Wood stacked under consoles.  Wood stacked under benches.  Wood stacked under open counters.  Yes, yes, and yes!

We have a wood burning fireplace in our bedroom.  Oh, I know…how romantic.  And yep, we have never used it.  The little wheels in my head are spinning.  If I can pull out the hideously ugly insert, you better believe that stacked wood rounds are taking its place.

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