I recently decided to give my very small closet a major over hall.  I plan to share the before, inspiration, and afters very soon.  I am just working on the finishing touches.  The closet itself is quite basic and the storage system inside is less than aesthetically pleasing.  Since I am not making any major changes [structurally], I made some tough decisions to create a bit of space for art work.  It is actually quite exciting because this can be art just for me.  The more girly the better!  I am surrounded by boys and boy stuff all the time, so this down right AWESOME!

OK. Here’s the deal.  I can’t decide.  I should be able to hang two pieces [one larger piece and a smaller one], possibly three if they are all smaller in scale.

Here are a few of the frontrunners.  Many I found on Etsy and each shop had many wonderful pieces.  Which one{s} do you like best?

artwork for closetartwork for closet 2

I can’t wait to hear what you think!  I will post the finished product – when I have everything just so.

{Since I do not want price to sway your decisions, you can find the links to the original art pinned on my a closet to love board.}


11 Responses to “DRESS UP THE WALLS”

  1. Carol Scarcello says:

    The grill with sunglasses and the shoes since you love shoes

  2. Kirsten says:

    # 2 and #7 call “Denise Thomas” to me. #6 comes in third.

  3. Where is June? says:

    Thanks Kirsten! I love them all actually!

  4. Regan says:

    Love, love, love #5. Paired with #4. Would set the tone for fabulous, fashionable days.

  5. Zoe says:

    2, 4 and 5. Love the girl in the sunnies too 🙂

  6. L:inda Tepper says:

    Thank you for sharing!! I am in the process of giving our master bedroom’s closet a major re-do…and LOVE the ideas! Can’t wait to see you finished closet. 🙂

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