Fall City Farms

[October 2008]

Traditions.  They are touch points for me.  They keep me grounded and in the moment.  From a young age, traditions surrounding holidays and seasons, gave me great comfort and a sense of anticipation.  It is because of these strong memories, that I seek to create and embrace traditions for my boys.  As a mother, I see it as my gift to them.

One such tradition is finding the great pumpkin at a local farm in October.  Since the fall of 2005, we have been visiting the same farm.  It is where we go, what we do, and who we are.  Sadly, we cannot return this year.  Fall City Farms did not grow pumpkins and the farm is now closed to the public.  It is the end of our tradition.  Big W and I took time this weekend and went through all of our photos taken at the farm over the last eight years.  A visual memory book of how far we’ve come and how big we have grown-with the back drop remaining the same.

first years  Fall City Farms

later years  Fall City Farms

It might seem like something so simple, but I always thought we would outgrow the farm.  Grouchy and moody teens, too cool to go to the pumpkin patch with mom, would be the reason we stopped going.  But that isn’t the case.  So we are faced with the decision, make a new tradition or just let it go.  I am ready to let the boys decide and excited to create new memories.  Because in the end it isn’t the farm or the place.  It is the time we spent together in the autumn sun loving and caring for each other.  I am lucky, lucky girl.


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