stadium blanket

I am not sure why, but stadium blankets just popped into my head this week.  I guess it is probably the chilly mornings and evenings that are here to stay.  The best fall day is clear and sunny with a bit of a bite.  It means you can cuddle up in a blanket while watching a game from the sidelines.  {If it rains, that just ruins my perfect picture of autumn bliss.}  I suppose you could by a new one, but the vintage stadium blankets are just too awesome to pass up.  Perfectly worn and soft.  You might be lucky enough to have one stored in a closet. {Stop reading right now and go look!}  My parents have one in the trunk of their car that I may try to steal then next time I see them.  A Google search quickly led me to an entire page of vintage blankets on eBay. I especially loved the one with red, blue and yellow!  Can’t get this fall staple off my mind, so I may have to bid.

Stay warm and cozy this weekend.

stadium blanket collage

{Images all found on Pinterest.  See them all on my fall into fall board.}


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3 Responses to “A STADIUM BLANKET”

  1. Carol Scarcello says:

    I was going to tell you you could have the red one. It is exactly like your picture. I think you remember that. Just say the word and it is yours.

  2. Glenda says:

    Check out the ones at Costco. A little pricey,however, one side is rain proof and the other is warm fleece or wool. Quite large.

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