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I have been working up to writing a recap of my time at the Altitude Design Summit {ALT} in San Francisco.  When my friends eagerly asked about my trip, I instantly answered great!  Everyone has been so incredibly supportive and interested in how it went.  It was great, but it was also overwhelming.  The message I received {loud and clear} was ….I am going to need to work harder than ever.  No one is going to hand you anything and it won’t happen over night.

Granted, I didn’t think I would receive a folder labeled, “10 Easy Steps to a Wildly Popular and Successful Blog”.  However, my trip revealed that the pathway isn’t a clear straight path. There is no right or wrong way.  Just my way.  While exciting, that is also a bit daunting.  As the fun of summer with my kids is in full swing, I have found that carrying the momentum from ALT home has been difficult.  I have a ton of ideas, but not a ton of time to execute.  Like any new venture it is one step forward and a few steps backward.

Now for the conference itself!  Amazing.  Cathie Tosach with Bing shared, “Emotion is in the details.”  At ALT they take the details very seriously.  From the location {The Fairmont. San Francisco} and hosted dinners and parties, to the sponsors booths and goodie bags. The conference speakers and the attendees inspired me to be creative, driven, dedicated and fearless. While I am not all of those things yet, the message is clear.

Good things come to those who {don’t} wait.

You should always have a few good take-aways from any new experience and this trip is no exception:

1.  Cocktail parties are a very intimidating place- even for an extrovert!  It helps immensely to have girlfriends by your side,  even if you just met them an hour before at dinner.


2.  Even established bloggers {Jordan Ferney and Victoria Smith} face the challenge of continually creating inspired and original content.

round table

3.  A room full of exceptionally talented and motivated women always makes me smile.  {And proud to be a girl!}


4.  Pretty sure I want a neon sign in my house.  {This one is pure awesome!}

ready steady

5. If I wasn’t at home full time, I am pretty sure I would want to work at Pinterest.  Their headquarters is the coolest space ever.


Images by Brooke Dennis for atly.


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  1. Kelly says:

    So glad to hear it was inspiring:) you go girl!

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