playing dress up.

Many of you saw these pictures posted on Facebook earlier this week and I wanted to give you all the back story.  I am passionately working to launch [Where is June?] in an all new space, with a brand new look.   Part of my vision was to have a few professional pictures on the blog.  Pictures that reflect who I am and my love of life. The self-portraits with my iPhone weren’t working for me anymore.  I asked Elise Liptack {} to take the photographs, but I honestly had no idea how amazing the entire experience would be for me.

First of all-I love clothes, shoes and accessories.  Elise suggested I bring more than I would need and I went for it.  Choosing my favorite pieces from my closet, I tried many combinations until I found four outfits I loved.  I placed them all on my bed with shoes and jewelry…it truly was like playing dress up!

The session started at Swink Style Bar in downtown Seattle.  Isabella worked some serious magic with my makeup.  I asked for her to keep it natural.  The shading, lashes, and overall glow was just what I wanted!  I am a naturally curly girl.  Knowing that I wanted my hair down, I requested that Isabella just polish up my curls.  Seriously, my hair has never looked that good.  My Tuesday was off to a great start!

Elise took pictures for over an hour, but it felt like a matter of minutes.  She made me feel comfortable and beautiful right away.  After the first few shots, I instantly felt more alive.  Witnessing her creativity and the love of her craft was inspiring.  She gave me a sneak peek of a few pictures on her LCD screen.  I was overwhelmed with appreciation for the time I had with her.  

I honestly believe that everyone woman should do this for herself.  It was the most affirming and lovely morning I have had in a long, long time.  If you are like me, every time you see a snap shot of yourself all you do is find all the things wrong with how you look.  Now is the time for you to see the beautiful woman everyone else sees when they look at you.  While I realize most of you will not plan an individual photo shoot, consider some alternatives. The next time you have family pictures taken, have your hair and make up done and ask for a few shots by yourself.  Or ask a trusted friend, who is great with a camera, to take photographs of you.  I know you will not regret it.  At least promise you will think about it.

{I was moved by the outpouring of kindness from my family, friends, and even strangers.  Thank you to all who sent me an email, a text, or commented and liked the sneak peek that Elise posted.  xoxo}

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  1. Blair says:

    Lovely post and photos, very empowering. Wishing you success as you grow and launch your blog further. Way to go!

  2. jennie king says:

    could you be any cuter!!!???!!! So happy to see and watch your journey!! you go girl.

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