to short lengths and back again

Evan Rachel Wood.  Rhianna. Emma Watson. Ginnifer Goodwin.  Halle Berry.  All with very different ethnic backgrounds, skin tones, hair color, and bone structure.  But all smokin’ hot with short hair! I am envious of how their great cuts can look classy, punk, or demure- with the help from “just the right” product. In the midst of growing my hair longer, I often daydream of chopping it all off.  And then I remember…….

Yes, that is me-circa 1992.  Without telling anyone or thinking about it for more than 3 minutes, I cut off all of my hair!  Hair that grown to the middle of my back.  I went, spur of the moment, and transformed myself with this pixie cut.  What was I thinking?  Little did I know, short hair is not easier. (Don’t let anyone tell you differently!)  It always has to be styled or you look like a boy.  No pony tails, no fun up-dos.  And don’t even get me started on the process of growing this decision out!  Excruciating.  I will not be posting any pictures from that time period.  It goes without saying, I will never, EVER go short again.

Although, those girls do look great……..

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