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Thursday, June 15th, 2017

{recently shared on @seattlejune}

Yesterday I spent about 30+ minutes cleansing my Instagram of those I follow. I have been feeling a need to simplify my Instagram for one main reason.  My sanity.  You see I followed many social influencers who, as a career, share clothing, home goods, beauty products, vacations, and experiences on their IG accounts.  Many of the items and trips they share are gifted to them or sponsored.  While I don’t fault them for making a living- it wasn’t really a good thing for me to be inundated all of the time. Of course they disclose their sponsored posts, they are legally required to do so.  For other posts they tag items and they simply receive kick backs through affiliate links if you make purchase.  {Again, I don’t fault them for this practice.}  I know, this is a lot of blog biz talk, but I think it is important to understand the business of social media, how companies are using their marketing dollars, and how we are being persuaded in purchasing decisions- possibly without even knowing.

Why am I sharing this information?  1.  It is just that.  Information.  2. While I try to be more conscious as a consumer, it was a battle not to click through to see the price of an item I found beautiful or interesting.  3. As most of us know, it isn’t the whole picture.  IG lives are not REAL lives.  They are curated, edited, filtered, and constructed.  But does our subconscious know it?  In many cases, probably not.  4.  Comparing is exhausting.  As an almost 43 year old woman, I don’t have time for it anymore.  And when you are comparing your reality to a manufactured image- you are never gonna win!

I love Instagram.  Visually it is so interesting to me.  I have found wonderful small businesses and creative humans sharing their talents.  I follow friends who I don’t get to see regularly.  I enjoy capturing moments in my day and sharing them with you.  I promote my blog posts using IG.  I’m note deleting it, just using it more wisely.

What do you think? How do you feel about influencers using social media to make a living?



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Monday, May 15th, 2017


I have been thinking about, planning, postponing and drafting this post for many months.  If you have been a reader for the past few years, you surely noticed my absence in posting regularly-or posting at all.  A brief history of Where is June? starts with the blog being a private, “just between friends” space to share my small victories and shortcomings as a mother.  Somewhere around 2011 I decided I missed writing and I thought blogging would be a fun outlet.  My blog became public on Blogspot.  As I began to write and post more frequently, I started to obsessively follow other blogs.  The community was creative and intoxicating.  I read books about successful blogging practices, attended a conference, learned to take photos, purchased my own URL and Where is June?, as you see it today,  was born in 2013.    I found success with growing readership, collaborations with companies, and a shout out in a Better Homes & Garden round-up.  It felt great.  Until it didn’t.

I lost my way.  While I really wanted to find a niche and somehow make money by writing and blogging- it was out of reach.  Or at least it felt like it.  I am the first to admit I do not have an entrepreneurial mind set (I started as a business major and made a quick switch after one year.  Undeclared was better than one more business class.)  Should I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone?  Probably.  Could I have asked friends and acquaintances for business advice?  Absolutely.  BUT…I didn’t.

If I wasn’t going to monetize the blog, what would it be?  I dream of fashion, but I am not a fashion blogger.  I try new recipes all the time, but I am not a food blogger.  I love my kids desperately, but I am not a mommy blogger.  Working out feeds my soul, but I am not a fitness blogger.  Nothing makes me happier than planning a trip, but I am not a travel blogger.  Home design is an obsession, but I’m not a designer. I enjoy creating layouts and taking pictures, but I’m not a graphic artist or photographer.  If I’m not any of those things, what the hell am I doing?  So I stopped.

And now I am ready to start again.  {Thank you for reading this far. You made it through all the rambling}  I have decided Where is June? can be anything I want it to be. {It does seem obvious, I know.}  I don’t need to follow any rules or any specific model.  As the posts begin to pop up more frequently, I hope they are inspired and a bit different.  I want it to feel like a conversation you might have with your girlfriends while sharing a bottle of Rose.  Nothing forced.  Just me sharing with you, just like I would with my friends.  The pictures will probably be from my iPhone and the layouts won’t be perfect, but I promise the writing will be real.  It will be authentic. And most importantly, it will be me.

I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for reading.  If you have ever shared one of my posts, you are a lovely human.  Here is to more great posts and to building an online community of friends.


PS// I’d love to hear what you have enjoyed reading here on the blog in the past.  Leave a comment below or direct message me.





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Wednesday, January 4th, 2017


If I’m being honest, I didn’t love 2016.  Not at all.  My family is healthy & happy and we had a wonderful year. And yet, I felt unsettled.  Is it age?  Is it my health? Is there something more for me?  Loud, giant questions- with what I’m sure will be simple, quiet answers in the months and years to come.  I want to feel hopeful in this new year.  I read something this weekend to eliminate resolutions and turn them into revolutions.  Oh, how much do you love that?!?

So, in this first week, I am starting personal practices that will carry me through the year.  Mindfulness, wellness, journaling, strengthening connections, and creating joy.  If I know myself, the starting is easy and the follow through is the challenge.  I hope that creating structure to each practice will enable me to keep it going.  It’s going to be tough work and I’m certain I will be uncomfortable, but I also know it’s going to be worth it!

What are you working toward in 2017?




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Monday, May 23rd, 2016

sunrise | Where is June

When you write, whether for a living or as a hobby, it is saddening when the words don’t come.  In the last few months I have started and not finished post after post.  During the day I would think to myself, “Oh, that would be a great idea for a post.”  Many days I didn’t have enough motivation to sit down and write.  Some days I would get started and not follow through.  The cycle was vicious.

I have written before about my self-diagnosed struggle with Seasonal Affective Disorder {SAD}.   While I still haven’t seen a professional about it, I am 100% convinced that each winter I am faced with the crushing reality of being depressed.  It isn’t something that makes any sense.  My family is wonderful.  We are all healthy.  We have everything we need and then some.  From the outside it makes no sense to be sad.  However, it is impossible to talk yourself into shaking it off. {Believe me, I have tried.}  And while it is quite personal it is also quite real.  This year was exceptionally bad.  With a few extra concerns/battles piled onto my usual doldrums, this winter was unusually long and brutal.

The light is returning literally and metaphorically.  I am seriously hard wired to the sun.  I find joy in spending time with friends, loving on my boys, planning adventures, and laughing with my husband.  After too many months of being sedentary, I begin the slow road back to being fit.  I plan to write more consistently but in the spirit of being kind to myself, it won’t be everyday.   While there isn’t immediate recovery, new things like acupuncture, yoga, and mediation are helping me fight my way back to happy.

I hope you are well.  Thank you for reading and being supportive of my little corner.


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Monday, January 11th, 2016

the year of more | Where is June?

2016 is well underway and I am ready for a year of more!  I have written before that I don’t make New Year’s resolutions.  They always seem to elicit guilt and our world doesn’t need more people feeling guilty, especially women.  Every year I make a list of all the things I would love in the upcoming year. Sometimes they are big and some are small.  They are always things that will make me smile.  This year I want four things in abundance: challenges, adventure, health, and family.


tips up | Where is June?

Continuing to challenge myself is what keeps me motivated and excited for each new season.  This year I have challenged myself to learn to ski.  After four seasons doing the lodge bunny thing, I am ready to be part of the fun.  While I don’t see black diamonds in my future, it has been such a thrill to ride the chair lift with my boys, chatting and talking without any interruptions.  That time alone is worth the embarrassment of learning something new at 41.  Here’s hoping for an injury free season.


iguazu falls adventure | Where is June?

At this time last year a trip to Argentina was not on the calendar.  I had never heard of Iguazu Falls.  How wonderful to have experienced this amazing spot with my sweet husband and to have this “after” picture to remember it.  Not all adventures need to be this grand {or so far away}.  Where will our next adventure take us?


Continued health for my family and myself is always at the forefront of my mind.  Being healthy trumps all else, doesn’t it? Lucky for me being active makes me really happy.  And spending time with my friends is a really great bonus!  I am looking forward to more fun surrounding being healthy together.  A highlight of 2015 was breaking the 1:50 barrier at the Lululemon SeaWheeze Half Marathon.  This video perfectly sums up the energy of the race.  {Pay close attention around the 1:04 mark!}  Can’t wait to run it again in August!



family fun | Where is June?

Actually, time with this crazy crew is all I really need!  We are not perfect.  It isn’t always pretty.  But building memories with my three boys is what fills my heart.  They make me feel most complete.  They are my best friends in every sense of the word.

2016, let’s do this.

PS.  My lists in 2013, 2014, & 2015


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Thursday, October 22nd, 2015

Cookie jar | Where is June?

I wrote a guest blog post today for a fellow Seattle area blogger.  Brenda, creator of From Me With Love, just had a baby and needed a little time off. I was happy to help her enjoy a little extra time with her baby.

I shared a recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookie Jars.  Pop on over and read the entire post.  {They are the absolute perfect dessert!}


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Tuesday, July 28th, 2015

happy anniversary

Who are these babies pictured -so happy {and tan}?  Man, they look insanely happy, don’t they?

This picture was snapped just days after we returned from our honeymoon.  We are celebrating our 14th wedding anniversary today.  Fourteen years is a pretty good run.

Here is what I know after 14 years:

1.  I would still pick the same guy.

2.  If you didn’t receive {birthday, Valentine, etc} cards before you were married, it is never going to happen.

3.  Saying nothing is sometimes the best course of action.

4.  Getting the last word isn’t important, as long as, deep down, you know you are 100% correct.

5.  Just let me be in charge.  It works better that way.

Love you babe!  Can’t imagine navigating this crazy world without you.


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Wednesday, March 4th, 2015

an inspired life

You may have been wondering, “Where is June?”  While I am still in constant search of the most excellent version of myself, I am still here.  Here and well.  Sorry to have disappeared.  I can feel the weight of winter being lifted.  Spring brings optimism and lightness, literally and figuratively.

I spent this winter reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.  While certainly not a new book, I had not read it.  I love how it focuses on finding what is good in your life, changing up habits that don’t serve you or those around you, and clearing space to simply be happy.  I appreciate how the author clearly states that she was not unhappy before launching her happiness project.  She really just wanted to be appreciative and present in her every day.   I 100% understand.

I am blessed with a lovely life.  Truly.  But I do find myself wondering, “What now?”  I seem to be wondering a lot lately.  If I was having coffee with my 20 year-old self, I would urge her to follow her dreams.  Dreams are big and plentiful when we are starting out.  The runway is long.  Options endless.  Follow your dreams.  However, as middle age creeps in the dreaming is so very different.  More complicated I guess.  What are my dreams at forty?  I’m not afraid to follow my dreams, I just don’t know what they are exactly.   Does that make any sense?

So while I quietly decide what happens next, I return to this creative space.  A space that is all mine, which I am happy to share with all of you!

{Seattle//2.22.15.  Oh, how she shines!}

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{2015} YOU’RE MINE

Monday, January 5th, 2015

you're mine 2015

I just launched the kids back-to-school and I sit alone in my kitchen.  Dishes to do, a Christmas tree to dismantle, a to-do list a mile long, and yet I feel calm.  It is strangely bizarre, but I always feel so much better when the calendar flips from December to January.  I have posted before about the doldrums that hit me in October.  {Last year, they lasted all the way through Spring.}  But there is something about 2-weeks to recharge-with little to no responsibilities that puts a pep back in my step!

our world needs

I am not making any resolutions, because I feel like they are always attached to some sort of guilt.  The world doesn’t need more people feeling guilty.  Our world needs happy, fulfilled people loving life and those around them!  While I DO NOT make resolutions, I do make lists!

Things I would love in 2015:

opportunities to step outside my comfort zone, great books to read, new adventures with my kids, to catch a sunrise on a stand-up paddle board, completed house projects, a dip in the Caribbean Sea, time alone, a snowy night with a roaring fire, chances to see my boys shine, a weekend get-away with my husband, salty sea air, blemish-free skin, a road trip with my girls, to witness goodness, boisterous meals with friends, a run in Central Park, a Super Bowl repeat, a carefree summer, strong arms and a toned tummy.

What would you love more of in 2015?

PS.  My lists from 2013 & 2014


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Friday, December 12th, 2014

i love emojis

This seems like a ridiculous question right?  Well, I must ponder this very deliberately because it is a real dilemma for me.  You see, I dropped my phone about 3 weeks ago and it has been a roller coaster since then.  The shattered screen was replaced, only to have seemingly set off a domino effect.  First Siri would no longer chat with me.  The mic/camera was then replaced.  The new screen then glitched and blinked every time I touched it.  The latest screen {Yes!  That would be screen #3} worked for 2 hours.  Two beautiful hours.  Currently my phone works {most of the time} except for the bottom left corner.  Why is this important you ask?  Well, that is the corner for the number shift command -including punctuation and symbols on your keyboard.  That I am almost willing to live with, since I can still use voice command to insert those characters.  It is also where most ‘home’ commands are in most apps.  Also annoying!

However, I am mostly sad about the emojis.  Those darling little characters that make me smile every day!  Sometimes one emoji can replace words altogether.

So my big decision is whether or not to send my phone to CA to be repaired.  My gut says to just live with it.  And then I wonder….Can I live without emojis?


1.  Don’t check Instagram while on a walk.

2.  Buy AppleCare

3.  Take your shattered phone to the Apple store no matter what!

**In all honesty, it is just a phone.  It is miniscule on the scale of real problems.  It is just such a damn hassle.


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