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Thursday, May 25th, 2017


What feeds you?  We consistently give: as wives, as caregivers, as employees, as bosses, as daughters, as sisters, as friends.  But what feeds you – so that you can continue to give?  The adage of “carving out time for yourself”, is a tired track being played on repeat.  But dammit, it’s so true! I’m hoping by sharing some of the ways I feed my senses, it might spark something for you.  Maybe it’s revisiting an old passion or trying something you have never done before.

What feeds me?  Dance Church.  It is my everything.  What the heck is Dance Church?  It is a dance party, just like at the best clubs, but in athleisure instead of your hottest get-up.  Bare feet instead of stilettos.  Coffee after instead of shots before.  Workout instead of hung over.  Oh my gosh, it’s a my dream come true.  Founded by Kate Wallich, Dance Church happens every Sunday morning and Tuesday night.  It is a 90 minute dance workout, however it’s not choreographed.  Kate leads the class and cues movements, but so general in nature that you can move however you please.  There is every type of person represented and that is what makes it so awesome!  The room at Velocity Dance is dimly lit and packed, so you have to like being in close proximity to others while sweating.  The playlists are out of this world {Think RiRi, Bey, Drake, Bieber,}.  I walk out of there on a high every time.  In my 20’s, there was nothing better than dancing into the wee hours of the morning. Dance Church gives me everything I loved: music, movement, and infectious energy.

Would you give Dance Church a try??  Read the personal account of a first timer.

PS:  The mirrors are covered, there is no front, and no one is watching you!  And church has nothing to do with it.


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Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014

A Booty Challenge | Where is June?

A challenge just in time for the holidays!  Following up on core and arms, it is time to focus on the booty!  Keeping it simple, the exercises and repetitions stay the same all month. You just need to find the time time.  No weights, no equipment needed.  Put aside 10-15 minutes a day during this busy holiday season.  You will thank yourself come January 1!

I have included links as a reference for each exercise.

Wall Touches//Walking Lunges//Speed Skaters//Mary Katherine Lunges


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Thursday, November 6th, 2014

arm and back challenge

Ok, you super fit, beautiful things!  It is time for another 30 day challenge.  I have been feeling under the weather with an extremely vicious head cold, so I decided not to model the exercises.  Please forgive me.  If you were part of the Core Challenge last month, you will remember that I asked my friend Amy to help build a challenge that: 1.  Will take less than 15 minutes a day.  2.  Require little to no equipment.  3.  Will give us noticeable results.

I am thrilled that this challenges focuses on arms and back!  In an effort of full disclosure, I am a bit obsessed with my arms looking fit and toned. It is one of the first things I look at when I see a picture of myself.  I am sure Amy would give me a fitness based reason why it is vital to have strong arms and back, but my motivation is mostly for appearance sake.

This month Amy did add small hand weights.  She gives alternatives in the printable workout if you don’t have any at home.  Also, I tried to find images that matched Amy’s exercises- but since she is so crafty it was hard to do.  Be sure to read all of Amy’s tips on how to complete each exercise.

Start today, start tomorrow, or whenever you feel ready for it.  Download and print the latest 30 day challenge here.

I’m in!  Are you?



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Wednesday, October 1st, 2014

Where is June? Core Challenge

It’s October 1st.  The first official day of hibernation season.  If you are like me, fall is the start of a long, slow trip.  Destination: Sofa City.  In the Spring and Summer, I can bounce out of bed before my kids are awake and go for a run or workout with friends at boot camp.  Fall and Winter?  Not so much.  So in hopes of breaking the vicious cycle, I asked my friend Amy from Orbit Fit for a monthly challenge.  I had a few requirements:  1.  The challenge will take less than 15 minutes a day.  2.  The exercises require little to no equipment.  3.  After 1 month there will be noticeable results.  If I had my druthers, this month’s challenge would be focused on arms.  However, Amy pushed me to chose a challenge that would actually…challenge me.  Hmmph.

A message from Amy:

Think you could go do 100 sit ups, 50 oblique twists, 50 Plank leg lifts and 100 leg raises? No? Follow this plan and I guarantee you’ll do all of that and more 30 days from now. Nearly 80% of people will talk to their doctor about low back pain at some point in their lives … prevent this conversation by strengthening your core! Set an intention this month for a strong core. An intention isn’t a goal, it’s a way of being… stand tall with a strong core, sit with good posture, and do the following exercises that take less than 15 minutes per day. 

So here it is.  The first Where is June? challenge.  Start today, tomorrow, or whenever you feel ready for it.  Download and print the 30 day challenge here.  Need visual aids.  I bravely demonstrate the four exercises below.

Sit ups

forearm plank

leg raises

oblique twists

So there you go!  I am starting today.  Are you in??


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Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

Oiselle Bird Machine

Do you follow fashion shows?  If you do, I am sure your social media feeds have been one image after another for the Spring/Summer trends for 2015.  If fashion isn’t your passion, just know that Fashion Weeks {first New York, then London, Paris and Milan to follow} happen in September.  Most of the clothes are either something I could never wear or could not afford.  However, for me it is fun to see new designs and how designers push the envelope.

The most inspiring show was New York Fashion Week like you have never seen it.  Oiselle, a women’s running apparel company, had real athletes walk the runway instead of professional models.  They walked the runway at Nolcha Fashion Week in New York City last week debuting they spring/summer line for next year!  These girls are the real deal.  A hammer thrower, marathoners, moms, and all-together bad ass runners.  True elite athletes. Just check out those toned legs, amazing abs, and ridiculous muscles.

oiselle birdmachine

These women represent the best of what we can be.  Beautiful, confident, strong and successful.  I love the energy and spirit of this company. Who better to model your gear than the women who it is made for?  Just keep running, Oiselle!

Oiselle Nolcha Fashion Week


To read a first hand account of the experience, read Dr. Sarah Lesko’s blog post about NWFW.

The New York Times took notice as well.  Read their article about Oiselle and Fashion Week.

Catch a glimpse of all the looks from the show.

Pictures courtesy of Oiselle.  Follow them @oiselle.



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Tuesday, September 16th, 2014

just keep running playlist

Last month I ran the Lululemon SeaWheeze 1/2 Marathon in Vancouver BC.  My goal was finish under 2:00 hours.  Before I left, I built a play list.   I had one criteria when adding a song.  Did it make me want to keep running?  The playlist had to be the best ever!  Mission accomplished.

My sister-in-law told me I made her smile several times when she saw me snapping my fingers and grooving when a good song came on.  The songs that played through my ear buds that morning not only helped me put one foot in front of the other {over and over}, but they made smile.

Here it is:

Blurred Lines//Robin Thicke

I Will Wait//Mumford and Sons

Dog Days Are Over//Florence and the Machine

Happy//Pharrell Williams

Wake Me Up//Avicii


The Edge of Glory//Lady Gaga

RadioActive//Imagine Dragons

TiK ToK//Ke$sha

All About That Bass//Megan Trainor

Gives You Hell//All-American Rejects

Turn Down for What//DJ Snake

I Gotta Feeling//Black Eyed Peas

Fighter//Christina Aguilera

Pour Some Sugar on Me//Def Leopard

Ready to Run//Dixie Chicks

Rather Be//Clean Bandit, Jess Glynne

A Little Less Conversation//Elvis Presley JXL Remix

Cruise-Remix//Florida Georgia Line w/Nelly

Fancy//Iggy Azalea

Dance Again//Jennifer Lopez

Somebody Told Me//The Killers

American Woman//Lenny Krazitz

Knock You Down//Keri Hilson


Hello//Martin Solveig

Love Runs Out//OneRepublic

Also, find the #justkeeprunning playlist on Spotify.  I have not shared a playlist from Spotify before, so please let me know if there is any trouble following the link.  xo

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Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

ballet beautiful

I am not sure exactly how I stumbled upon Mary Helen Bowers‘ Instagram account, but I started following her and I am continually gobsmacked with her elegance, strength, and athleticism.  She danced throughout her entire pregnancy.  Her images make me want to be a ballet dancer!  Just look at her long, lean, powerful body!  She is the professional ballerina who trained Natalie Portman for her role in Black Swan.  She danced with the New York City Ballet and is the founder of Ballet Beautiful.

Ballet Beautiful is “a total body workout from Mary Helen Bowers, Natalie Portman’s trainer for her Academy Award(R)-Winning Role in “Black Swan”! Get a tight, toned and elegant body with this ballet inspired workout! Sculpt sleek and strong legs, arms, butt, abs and upper body. Shape a lean and graceful dancer’s body with targeted mat work and standing exercises that lengthen and tone.”

OK, yes!  Sign me up.  I just purchased the Body Blast DVD and did two of the workouts yesterday {The DVD includes four-15 minute workouts}. It is very similar to barre classes if you are familiar with that type of exercise.   The Swan Arms workout was so incredibly difficult.  With no weights used, it is deceptively intense.  You simply moved your arms like a ballerina.  2 minutes into the work and my arms were burning!  I also did the Body Blast workout which included abs, bridges and arms.  All of the work includes small controlled movements in targeted areas.  It is going to be perfect for days that I have to squeeze a workout in at home.

I wonder.  If I buy ballet slippers and leg warmers do you think my legs would lengthen by five inches?  Hope so.

All images from Ballet Beautiful//Instagram.  Follow her.  You will love it!


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Summer Workout Essentials

Thursday, June 6th, 2013
Summer Workout Essentials

Beat the heat!  
Just a few essential items for working out in the sun and heat:
1// A lightweight sports bra with skinny straps and breathable fabric.  Plus a pop of neon.
2// Anti-chafing stick.  Goes on easy and isn’t greasy. [Didn’t let me down when running 26.2 miles.]
3// A sports performance SPF.  Won’t sweat off mid-workout. 
4// Visor that wicks moisture away from your forehead.  Brilliant!
5//  Glass water bottles with silicon sleeves in candy colors.  [I love my bkr!]  Hydrate in style.


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Wednesday, June 5th, 2013
Ok.  This just makes me smile!  Teasers can tease and haters can hate, but Joanna Rohrback might just be on to something.  Body by Prancercise, damn the girl looks good!  If you see me prancing, join in. 

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drink the water.

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

I have just started a two week intensive boot camp.  It includes giving up caffeine, alcohol, dairy, sugar, and no refined white flour or white rice.  It sounds torturous, and at times it feels like it, but it is an amazing group of women.  Over 30 of us committed to health and supporting one another. There will be a lot of sweat, some grunting, a ton of laughing [and hopefully no puking!]

It means adding tons of veggies, healthy fats, balanced portions, and glasses and glasses of water. Our trainer suggests consuming half your body weight in ounces.   I will admit it-I am the worst about drinking water.  This will be one of my greatest challenges in the days to come.  To stay the course, I am going to have to jazz my water up!  Mixed fruit with ice may just do the trick.  Lemons with raspberries or oranges with blueberries sound delicious and interesting. Plus, I am a sucker for mason jars and paper straws.

How much water do you drink a day?  Are you a purest or do you jazz it up?

{Image via back on pointe}

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