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Thursday, November 20th, 2014

throwback thursday

Who doesn’t love a throw back Thursday?  I thought it might be interesting to put my own spin on #TBT!  Often times I write a post and then have more to say about the topic after the fact.  Whether it be new information, a total fail, or a shift in thinking.  This week I am following up on five posts from the past.

Purple Hair.  Don’t care?

I loved the comments on this post.   Encouragement to just go for pastel purple hair made me smile!  However, it turns out coloring my dark brunette locks pastel purple would take a good deal labor.  First I would need to bleach all the color out of my hair. Only then could a colorist add the purple.  Often the color isn’t quite right so the process has to be repeated.  It makes more sense for me to have a darker, deep shade of purple.  Not sure if I like that look.  So for now, my hair will remain brown.  Not because I think I am too old for purple locks, but because it just sounds like a ton of time and energy that I would rather spend elsewhere!

Mom Uniform: Rainy Day Field Trip

When I build a mom uniform, I use items I already own and also include pieces that would be great additions to my closet.   These Tommy Hilfiger boots are the perfect example.  Oh, those boots!  I did in fact order them online, but my spirits were crushed when they arrived.  These beauties were built for girls that live in places where it doesn’t actually rain.  The top of the boots were so large the Seattle rain would have just poured in -soaking my socks and creating misery.  Sadly, they were returned.  Girls in California, scoop these up!

All Things Seattle

Trove, a restaurant which I included in the round up of All Things Seattle, was just voted restaurant of the year by Eater Seattle.  Now I MUST make a date to check it out!!

Chalkboard wall. Yes or no?

It was a resounding YES!  Everyone commented positively about chalkboard walls in the home.  What the hell, it’s just paint.  Luckily, my sister-in-law has the perfect formula for painting a chalkboard wall.  I am going for it!  I promise to post once I get this project done.

Mom Uniform: Mixed Prints

I may have just found the most perfect plaid shirt for this mom uniform.  If you remember this uniform included mixing plaid and animal print.  This J.Crew plaid shirt is made from the coziest flannel.  It has a longer cut, so it was perfect with my new faux leather leggings.  Paired with my Steve Madden slip-on sneakers, it is still a favorite uniform!!


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Tuesday, July 8th, 2014

Where is June?| simple gallery wall

If you follow me on Pinterest, you already know about my small obsession with gallery walls.  I have pinned and pinned and pinned.  I want one, badly.  The problem is – I have done nothing.  Well, that is not entirely true.  I have purchased three pieces that I love.  They all happen to be black and white.  I am clearly drawn to clean and simple.  The gallery walls above reflect a monochromatic or a simple aesthetic.  On the total flip side, I love walls that are colorful, eclectic, and haphazard.

Where is June?| Eclectic gallery wall

What is a girl to do?  Here are my problems/questions:

1.  A gallery wall can be expensive to get going.  You have to find the pieces and frame each one!  Yikes – that can add up.  I have three pieces that I think are a good start.  {However, like I said above they are all black and white.}  Is three enough?  Should I add color to the mix?

2.  The frames themselves also pose a dilemma.  Do you choose the same color or go for all the frames different?  I like the look of mixed frame color and I think it will be easier in the long run.   That is easier said than done.  I love vintage frames.  Where do you find those?  Mats or no mats?

3.   Do I stick with all prints or do I toss in a few photos?  I kind of love the idea of framing some Instagram shots from our travels and adventures.  They would be easy to change frequently so the wall is always current and interesting.  Good idea?

And again my head is swimming and my dining room wall stands bare.  HELP!  Anyone out there have amazing tips and is willing to share?  Do tell!

Collected images via

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Monday, February 3rd, 2014

go green  Where is June

So as I was cruising through the aisles at IKEA last week and I spotted these simple white planters.  I loved them.  White seems to be overtaking my home decor recently.  Instead of just buying the planters and figuring out how to use them later, I bought plants too! {You have to love IKEA for its one stop shopping.}   This is huge.  I am not a gardener nor is there one plant in my home.  Well, until now.  Now there are two.  At $1.99 for the pot and $2.49 for the plant there is little to no risk here.  I really like how they look on my tables and I am just hoping I can keep them alive!

add green | Where is June

add green to the mix | Where is June

If things go well, I have my sights set on a few small succulents and a large Fiddle-Leaf Fig.  All available at IKEA.  Who knew?

more green options | Where is June

Fiddle Leaf Fig//Large Pot//Succulents



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Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

closet + instagram love | Where is June

When I was placing the art work in my closet, I had small spaces that needed something.  An extra frame made it look too cluttered and I didn’t want that!   I was working toward open and inspiring, so it took me awhile to figure out what to do.  Then in the middle of the night it came to me!  I needed to print some of my Instagram snapshots.  I am constantly posting pictures of my shoes and it they would be PERFECT in my closet.

instagram + shoes | Where is June

So I printed these Instagram photos using the free Walgreens app.  It is so darn easy.  Connect to your account, choose the photos you want to print, send them, and pick them up in an hour.   I printed the 4×4 size for $0.39 a piece.  YES!!  Thirty nine cents!  {You could also print in 8×8 which would be fun if you wanted to frame it}.  For $1.56 {plus tax} I had small, personal pieces of art to add to my closet.  I used gold washi tape to hang them.

How easy is that?

Do you follow me on Instagram?  Well, why the heck not?  Come join the party!  Follow me @seattlejune.

Other ways to use your super cool Instagram shots:

Sticky Gram Magnets

Canvas Pop Art



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Monday, January 27th, 2014

A closet to love | Where is June

Back in October, I decided to give my closet a major overhaul.  It was in desperate need of some TLC.  You need to know that my closet is a standard sized bedroom closet with dual sliding doors.  A powdered-coated, metal shelving/hanging unit was installed by a previous owner of our home.  Sadly, it also has florescent lighting.  This was not going to be a remodel.  I had to work within the space I was given.  When I set out to create a closet to love, I set my priorities for the project.

In the end, I hoped for:

*bright, open and inspiring

*a place for my accessories

*space to hang a few pieces of art

a closet to love - before | Where is June

While it is quite embarrassing to show the before pictures, it is important to show its original sad, drab state.  Yep, it was that bad.  Crowded, cluttered, and certainly uninspiring.  The closet wasn’t getting any larger and it wasn’t going to magically become a walk-in overnight.  To reach my goal of creating an open space, I was going to have to be fearless in making some tough decisions.  I needed to edit my wardrobe!   I spent a long afternoon, pulling things from my closet.  The result was a very large bag which I took to my favorite consignment shop.  The rest went to a charitable thrift shop.  There was space to work with!!

a closet to love-process

The work began in four main areas:

Clothing Storage:  I pulled my spring/summer wardrobe off hangars and put it in storage.   I certainly don’t need shorts and breezy little tops in the dead of Seattle’s winter.  I also put my flip flops, wedges, and sandals in individual plastic shoe boxes.

Painting:  The walls need some major help.  They were actually dirty {gross that I didn’t notice that when I moved in} and the paint was drab.  I chose Benjamin Moore Ribbon Pink.  It took over 3 weeks to finally decide on the shade of pink.  My ideal color would be a bit paler than Ribbon Pink, but once the clothes were back it wasn’t a huge issue for me.  The hardest part of the painting was the shelving/hanging unit.  It is barely hanging on, so if I had taken it down there is a pretty good chance it wouldn’t have gone back up.  Instead, I taped around it using painter’s tape and my level.  It took forever.  For a fun effect I taped color blocks!  The finished product makes me smile because of the awesome white borders throughout the whole closet.

Accessory Storage:  I had to use some creativity for hanging and storing my accessories.  A shelf liner gave me a solid surface to build on.  I had been dying for a reason to buy this gorgeous gold stag! I finally had it.  Using the antlers and a handful of brass nails I had plenty of storage for my necklaces.  Along with jewelry trays, vintage tea cups and collected glassware I had a place for almost all of my accessories.  An acrylic shelf helped give one more surface for all the treasures.  All of my hats, scarves, and belts are now housed in two colorful canvas baskets I found on clearance at Target.

Art:  With a little help from all of you {here and here} I chose two pieces of art.  The fashion illustration by Anum Tariq is so beautiful.  I wish you could see it person.  A LOVE print, one of my very favorite photos, and a few Instagram snapshots finished off the space perfectly.

a closet to love-space 1

a closet to love - space 2

a closet to love- space 3

a closet to love-detailsa closet to love-more details

I apologize for such a lengthy post, but I can’t help but be overly excited about this outcome!  It makes me so, so HAPPY to open my closet each day.  Many of my most treasured items {like my grandmother’s gloves I wore on my wedding day} now have a place in my everyday.   While not large or ornate, I now have a closet to love.

{If you see a detail that I didn’t explain or discuss, please leave a comment below.  I am happy to answer any questions!}


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Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

chalkboard wall

It’s all the rage.  Grab a gallon of chalkboard paint and pick a wall.  I have to be honest.  I love the look, but I am a skeptic.  I worry that the idea of the wall is so much better than the reality of a wall you cover with messy chalk.  I don’t live in a magazine.  I am not an artist nor have I mastered hand lettering……skills that would make a chalkboard wall awesome.  I am a bit of a control freak.  Disappointment looms.

So, I have to ask.  Chalkboard wall.  Yes or no?  Do you have a chalkboard wall in your home?  Is it just how you wanted it?   How do handle the messiness?  Do you clean it often?  Where is it located?  I want to be convinced it is a great idea.  It is just paint after all.

Images 1/2/3/4/5


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Friday, November 15th, 2013

closet TLC

I am down to the finishing touches on my closet TLC project.  I want to choose one of these prints to accompany the other items I have gathered to make my closet the girliest place in my home.  Obviously, the message is the same, so it comes down to a matter of design.  Help me decide. I am so close to finishing and I can’t wait to share the results with all of you.

Which one do you like best?

Prints found @ Made by Girl

(See all of my closet inspiration on a closet to love Pinterest board.}

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Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

stacked wood

Call it my latest visual obsession, but I can not get enough of stacked wood!  I was first taken by the idea of stacking wood rounds {or split wood} in a fireplace.  It is genius for a non-working fireplace or one you don’t use regularly.  I love that it adds a natural element to a room.  The mismatched shapes of the wood make it just plain awesome.  How about wood stacked next the fireplace-floor to ceiling?  Again, genius.  Storing wood, actually used to build a fire, and using it as part of the room’s decor.  The possibilities are seemingly endless.  Wood stacked under consoles.  Wood stacked under benches.  Wood stacked under open counters.  Yes, yes, and yes!

We have a wood burning fireplace in our bedroom.  Oh, I know…how romantic.  And yep, we have never used it.  The little wheels in my head are spinning.  If I can pull out the hideously ugly insert, you better believe that stacked wood rounds are taking its place.

{Images, clockwise, via 1// 2// 3// 4// 5// 6// 7// 8// 9//}

Please note: If you know the source of an image that is not credited-please contact me.  I will happily link back to the original source.

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Thursday, October 10th, 2013

I recently decided to give my very small closet a major over hall.  I plan to share the before, inspiration, and afters very soon.  I am just working on the finishing touches.  The closet itself is quite basic and the storage system inside is less than aesthetically pleasing.  Since I am not making any major changes [structurally], I made some tough decisions to create a bit of space for art work.  It is actually quite exciting because this can be art just for me.  The more girly the better!  I am surrounded by boys and boy stuff all the time, so this down right AWESOME!

OK. Here’s the deal.  I can’t decide.  I should be able to hang two pieces [one larger piece and a smaller one], possibly three if they are all smaller in scale.

Here are a few of the frontrunners.  Many I found on Etsy and each shop had many wonderful pieces.  Which one{s} do you like best?

artwork for closetartwork for closet 2

I can’t wait to hear what you think!  I will post the finished product – when I have everything just so.

{Since I do not want price to sway your decisions, you can find the links to the original art pinned on my a closet to love board.}

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a cozy desk chair

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

I long for a desk to call my own.  I have a very small built-in desk in the kitchen big enough for my computer.  That is it.  If you follow me on Pinterest, you will see an entire board dedicated to this simple idea.  A workspace-just for me.

Recently, I have a small obsession with faux fur throws to cozy up a desk [or dining] chair. 

However, sometimes the trouble with an obsession on Pinterest is being able to find a source to purchase!  I traveled down a blogger rabbit hole and finally came up with a lead.  IKEA.  And of course, they are no longer available.  I am hoping it is a seasonal item and will be back in stock next fall or winter. 
A girl can dream.  
What are your tricks to finding an item you have seen but don’t know quite how to get your hands on it?

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