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Summer Workout Essentials

Thursday, June 6th, 2013
Summer Workout Essentials

Beat the heat!  
Just a few essential items for working out in the sun and heat:
1// A lightweight sports bra with skinny straps and breathable fabric.  Plus a pop of neon.
2// Anti-chafing stick.  Goes on easy and isn’t greasy. [Didn’t let me down when running 26.2 miles.]
3// A sports performance SPF.  Won’t sweat off mid-workout. 
4// Visor that wicks moisture away from your forehead.  Brilliant!
5//  Glass water bottles with silicon sleeves in candy colors.  [I love my bkr!]  Hydrate in style.


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layered bracelets

Thursday, May 30th, 2013
layered bracelets

layered bracelets by juneheartsfashion

Summer tanks and maxi dresses are calling out to be accessorized.  There is nothing better than wearing simple earrings and a stacked wrist!  I love that you can layer many kinds of bracelets together.  Mix and match.  The more the better.  Scrounge around in your drawers and jewelry boxes and find bracelets that you haven’t worn in a long time.  Play with different combinations until you find one you like.  The stack can change with your mood or your outfit.  It is all about having fun.  Go for it.
Feeling inspired?  Snap a pic and Instagram your stacked wrist.  [Tag me. @seattlejune]

edgy stack from Target
feminine stack from Biscuit
boho stack [Pura Vida] from Metropark
statement stack is [one fabulous, over-the-top piece] the Hermes Alchimie Bracelet 

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beauty basics: prep

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013
beauty basics: prep

beauty basics: prep by juneheartsfashion

As I creep up on forty, my skin needs a little more assistance to look its best.  I have never been one to buy into a system of facial products and actually stick to it.  My interest wanes and then I have a ton of products [sometimes expensive] under the sink that never see the light of day.   Has this ever happened to you?  
In my quest to keep it simple, but also have great looking skin, I have found four products that I use every day that actually work for me.  
This is by prescription only from a dermatologist.  I battle adult acne [Nothing better than wrinkles and zits, right?].  This antibiotic gel, in combination with oral antibiotics,  has it under control.  It is light, weightless and non-drying.
I have found my skin much oilier in the past few years.  Without this lotion, my face would be a shiny mess! I use it on my forehead, nose, and chin.  It helps keep shine at bay and helps my make up last into the afternoon. 
This is a new addition, but an absolute keeper!  With just a small amount of this cream, my skin tone is even and dewy.  Who doesn’t love that?
This is my most favorite prep item!  Thanks to my Italian heritage, the circles under my eyes are dramatic!  This silky cream goes on easy.  Two quick swipes under each eye and I begin to look like a live human again. 
With these four products, and a quick eyelash curl, and I can go about my day and not be startled when I look into the mirror.  
What are your go-to beauty prep products?  

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mom uniform :: road trip

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013
road trip

road trip by juneheartsfashion 

Road tripping this weekend?  Me too!  Comfort is key, but you need to look presentable once you arrive at your destination.  Easy, cozy pieces [like yogo studio pants and a tissue tee] are essential for comfort.  Throw on a few accessories and a jean jacket and you are good to go!  Classic Chuck Taylors are casual cool and practical
Team Thomas is headed to the Canadian Gulf Islands.  I can’t wait!  [Look for out and about posts next week.]
Where are you headed for the long weekend? 

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nailed it: nude + gold

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013
nailed it: nude + gold

nailed it: nude + gold by juneheartsfashion

 I splurged for a manicure yesterday.  A picture from Pinterest was my inspirationHowever my nail beds proved to be very short[That is a really nice way of saying I have stubby fingers.The ombre glitter look just wasn’t working.  So, through collaboration with the manicurist we decided upon a nude color (OPI/Bubble Bath) and gold sparkle tips.  The Art Club nail brush was extremely fine. It seemed easy enough to paint a very thin line just on the tipsI am loving my spring inspired nude + gold manicure.  Hoping it lasts for more than a day.
[Inspiration photo via]
PS.  It is near impossible to take a decent photo of your own nails. 

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mom uniform:: seattle spring

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013
seattle spring

seattle spring by juneheartsfashion

A Seattle spring day.  We can have rain, hail, gloom, and glorious sunbreaks all within the matter of a few hours.  Dressing for this unpredictable weather is a bear.  Layers remain the key, but the fleece and down give way to lighter pieces. 
I am totally crushing on the idea of a bright [and not too expensive] raincoat.  The hood is key for school runs, errands and baseball games.  It is a total bummer to get caught in a downpour with no coverage.  Around here, I could wear this outfit everyday. 

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mom uniform:: camo fun

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013
mom uniform:: camo fun

mom uniform:: camo fun by juneheartsfashion 

Spring in Seattle is not warm.  However, it is time to ditch the puffy jacket and tall boots.   Why not have a little fun while you are at it?  
I will admit.  This girl is a total sucker for camouflage.  Lately I have been wearing: skinny jeans, a feminine top, and a camo jacket, light colored booties, and a fun colorful clutch.  
How would you fit camouflage into your spring wardrobe?

{Need another mom uniform?  Try this or this.} 


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mom uniform:: summer layers

Monday, June 11th, 2012
summer layers
It hasn’t been that warm around the Pacific Northwest in recent weeks.   [That might be the understatement of the century, but I won’t get started.]  It is also still raining…a lot.   Now, while I would love to be wearing my cut-offs, breezy tops and summer sandals, it is simply not feasible when the high reaches 58 degrees.
So, enter my recent “cold summer day” uniform.  My Splendid maxi skirt keeps my legs warm, a favorite long and lean tank from Target [my affection has been documented], and a Gap jean jacket.  And how do I accessorize?  Chuck Taylors to keep my toes dry in the downpours, a scarf [with a pop of color] to keep me from shivering, and my Ray-Bay aviators.  I also roll up the sleeves on the jacket and layer bracelets.  I am certainly not happy about this weather and I am desperately trying to mix in a few summer pieces.
Bring on summer.  Please


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mom uniform:: sprung for spring

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

sprung for spring

sprung for spring by juneheartsfashion featuring a cross body shoulder bag

Just fell in love with!  Look what I put together in just a matter of minutes. You really must try it out.  Just jump on over to polyvore, click on create, and off you go.

I did create an account, juneheartsfashion, which lets me save my creations and share with all of you.  Sure would like to wear this outfit tomorrow, but it is entirely too cold [still!].  
I own the Hudson cropped jeans, a trapeze tank top, the Ray-ban aviators, the Splendid sandals, and colorful scarf.  I dream of the Marc Jacobs cross-body bag and the kick-ass biker jacket would be a great top layer for a Seattle spring.   

[For all you “pinners” out there, you can create and pin to Pinterest.]

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