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Friday, November 17th, 2017

4 podcasts

Admittedly, I am a podcast junkie!  I thought you might enjoy a few that I have especially loved in the last couple of weeks.

1. The Longest Shortest Time: Episode #141-That’s a Real Mother, Part 1: Governor Mom // The first in a series focused on working moms and the discrimination they face in the workplace.  Fascinating.

2. Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations: Shonda Rhimes // Oprah and Shonda discuss the year of “yes” and how it changed Shonda’s life.

3.  Katie Couric: Pete Souza- Obama’s Photographer // An interview with Pete Souza, the official White House photographer for Obama’s 8 years in the White House.

4.  Fresh Air with Terry Gross: ‘Times’ Reporters Describe How a Paper Trail Helped Break the Weinstein Story //  The two female reporters discuss writing and researching the now infamous article about Harvey Weinstein.

I have linked all the Podcasts here so you could listen to these 4 episodes directly from this post.  I listen through the Podcast app on my iPhone.  Android users can listen too.

What podcasts do you love? I’m happy to share my favorites if you are interested.


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Monday, September 26th, 2016

the-run-up | Where is June?

Tonight is the first presidential debate leading up to the election.  Recently I started listening to The Run-Up podcast, produced by the New York Times.  It is an extremely informative podcast airing twice a week focused on all things Clinton and Trump.  The New York Times did just endorse Hilary Clinton, but I find the podcast to be fairly well-balanced in the way they approach each topic.  Many contributors and authors are interviewed with differing points of view.  No matter your politics, I 100% believe it is worth a listen.  The episode airing tomorrow will be breaking down the debate.  I can’t wait!

Check it out and let me know what you think.


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Thursday, September 15th, 2016


Oh. my. goodness!  I had to share this hilarious podcast.  It is this week’s Modern Love podcast, “Revenge of the Friend”.   Kristen Chenoweth reads the essay and it is laugh out loud funny.  It is a story of revenge that a spin instructor seeks for her dear friend!  Spin bikes, a well crafted play list, an ex-husband, and the other woman.

Listen and tell me what you think!

Graphic by Brian Rea via the New York Times



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Thursday, October 22nd, 2015

throwback update | Where is June?

Yep, yep!  It’s #TBT, a little throw back Thursday.  I am following up on four posts from the past.  Often times I write a post and then have more to say about the topic after the fact.  Whether it be new information, a total fail, or a shift in thinking.


I included the Limetown podcast in one of my In the Details posts.  There are only a few episodes right now {insert sad face emoji}, but holy cow!  While it is 100% fiction, it listens as if it is a first person investigative report.  The premise is a bit freaky.  An entire town’s population disappears under a cloak of mystery.  I listened to the second episode right before bed.  I will freely admit that I was totally scared and may have woke my husband up when I nearly jumped out of bed.   If you are spooked easily, I suggest NOT listening before bed.   Episode #3 was just released and I can’t wait.  Totally worth a listen!

Signature Scent

In this past post, I featured the notes I seem to love in perfume.  Upon research, it was evident that I tend to like more masculine scents.  Recently I came across a bottle of cologne I bought for my husband years ago.  {I actually think he was boyfriend when I gave it to him!}  He had it stashed in a drawer, so I decided to start wearing it.  This fall I have been layering his cologne with Elizabeth and James//Nirvana Black.  I totally suggesting giving yourself a light spray of men’s cologne-I think you may love it!

Pumpkin Brownies

Ok, so I really wanted these to be perfect. I featured them just last week in my latest In the Details post.  We did not love them.  However, I am willing to experiment and see if I can make them work.  First of all I used a gluten free brownie mix that was slightly smaller than the mix that was called for in the “recipe”.  I am thinking that the proportion of mix to pumpkin was off, which messed with the texture.  Also, I really wanted the “pumpkin spice” flavor and it was totally lacking.  I might try canned pumpkin pie filling or add pumpkin spice.  Stay tuned for possibly another follow up…..

Colorful Pouf

When planning to furnish our family room, I became obsessed with bright vintage kilim poufs.  Eventually I purchased two new poufs from Anthropologie.  Placed in front of our couch instead of a coffee table, they allow for flexible seating for the boys when they are playing video games and are a perfect place to put your feet up when watching a movie.  They are not available anymore.  I am SO happy I purchased them when I did.



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Friday, September 25th, 2015

In the Details No. 11 | Where is June?

Happy Friday!  It has been a fast-paced, busy week.  With school and kids’ activities in full swing, life is a bit of a blur.  Weekends are always a welcome respite.  What are your plans?  I am hoping to switch my closet over to fall and squeeze in a movie matinee.

A round-up of things that inspire and interest me this week:

1.  A friend is leaving for New York on a red eye tonight…..wish I was going with her.

2. Mirror, Mirror.  That strap is too good.

3.  A new podcast.  Perfect for a long run or a long commute!

4.  This formula for getting dressed and looking great is brilliant.

5.  Dying to see the new movie, The Intern.  Matinee anyone?

6.  Possibly a new signature drink.  An Old Cuban.

7.  Time to break out the beanie.  It is always a great solution to a bad hair day.

{Podcast via Cup of Jo}



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