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Friday, March 13th, 2015


Trying out a new idea.  A week’s worth of inspiration from the around the web, near and far.  Let me know if you like it!

Love big.  It’s in the details.  Have a lovely weekend!

1.  Gray jeans and brown leather.  Spring style inspiration.

2.  Amazing earrings.  Druzy love.

3.  A bright vintage pouf for a colorful family room!

4.  Who doesn’t love a tote?  A darling {and easy} DIY.

5.   Oh, stacked books on a Lucite bedside table.

6.  Butter cookies with sprinkles!  That’s all.

7.  Totally floored over this tile.  WoW!


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Monday, February 17th, 2014

your pinterest boards


You can read a lot about a person by looking at their boards on Pinterest.  I find this graphic so interesting and TRUE!  Pinterest boards tell a visual story about you as person.  Your interests, passions, projects and dreams are presented to the world through images.  Maybe that is why I love it so much.  What do my boards say about me?  I am passionate about cooking, inspired by color, interested in design, dreaming of a new kitchen, love being a girl, planning for a trip to Italy, and obsessed with neon lights.   Yep, pretty much!

Have you ever thought of Pinterest in such a personal way?  Now I want to edit all my boards’ cover pictures so they beautiful and inspiring.

What do your boards say about you?

Do you Pinterest?  Follow me!  Or just check out a few of my favorite boards:

Gallery Wall

It’s Great to be a Girl

What Are We Waiting For?

Color Me Happy

So Sweet.

{Pinterest quote} Image via


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Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

hello november

Oh, hello November.  The days quickly grow colder and shorter as we enter good ole’ November.  That means plenty of time indoors with family and friends.  Warm meals, roaring fires, and an extra cup of coffee in the afternoon are in order.  How about a little inspiration for the eleventh month of year?

From top {clockwise}:

Decorating with pumpkins. 

Chalk paint pumpkins.

Apple Hand Pies.

Seasonal place cards.

Gold pumpkins.

Need more inspiration?  Follow my fall into fall board on Pinterest.

{Hello, November image via}

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Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

waffle iron hash browns

Yep!  Pinterest strikes again.  I saw a pin for cooking hash browns in a waffle iron and I was immediately intrigued.  I love finding new ways to use appliances that are stored in my cupboards.  Put them to work.   I had frozen hash browns, but I think fresh shredded potatoes [like Simply Potatoes] might work even better.

hash brown prep

I tossed the frozen hash browns with a small pour of olive oil, Lawry’s seasoning and salt & pepper.  Then made a fairly thick layer of hash browns on a hot waffle iron.  I had mine set to the highest setting.

waffle iron hash browns

A few minutes later, I had perfectly done hash browns.  Crispy on the outside, but still moist!  There is nothing like a plate of crispy hash browns and a cup of coffee on a rainy Sunday morning.  Enjoy.

waffle iron hash browns

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Thursday, August 22nd, 2013

Where is June | Odds and Pins

{ 1//Get Shit Done mug  2//fresh box of Crayolas  3//Roll Top Backpack  4//Jeffery Campbell ‘In Love’ Flat}

You are going to have to take me kicking and screaming into fall.  This has to be the best summer on record for quite some time.  Leave it to Pinterest to make the change of seasons just a bit easier.  Back to school always means a bit of retail therapy.  New shoes, a new pack, and necessary supplies.  Don’t forget the checklists that never seem get completed.  [Kind of like the one box, “Get shit done.”]  And, who doesn’t love a fresh box of crayons?

For these and other pins to help ease you into autumn, follow me on Pinterest.

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Where is June?


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