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Thursday, March 26th, 2020

I realize most of us are not getting out of sweats these days unless we have video conference. Which in that case, we change only our shirt and put a little lipstick on! So, chatting about a fashion subscription might seem a bit odd at first…but let me explain. In January, I decided to not purchase any NEW clothes in the year 2020. I could purchase used or vintage. (Let me add this does not include underwear, swimwear, and shoes.) I have done this before and it is a great way to figure out what you really love to wear and what you actually need. Scrolling through my Instagram feed one day a great outfit caught my eye and the caption included #nuuly. My interest was peeked and yes, social media marketing obviously works on me. Nuuly is a monthly fashion subscription from the stores/brands Anthropologie, Free People, and Urban Outfitters. Here’s how it works:

Nuuly 101

*Choose Your 6

Four tops and the same dress in two sizes? Six pairs of jeans? One of everything? It’s your call.

*Wear Them On Repeat

They’re all yours for the next month. Don’t worry about laundry or repairs—it’s included in the plan.

*Buy, Return + Refill

If you fall in love with something, buy it. Send back the rest by your billing date and repeat.

Here’s what I love about it. It is exactly like shopping online. Unlike Stitchfix or other similar subscriptions, you are in total control of what you get every month. It does take time to browse and select items, but that is my jam. If you are going on vacation (hopefully….someday) you can get 6 items to take on your trip. Special event? Add in a formal piece that month. At the end of the month, if you love something you can buy it. And it works for my 2020 “no buy plan” because I buying something used. Items are 30-45% off retail price. This is what I ordered for this month and it just arrived yesterday:

The jump suit is something I really wanted in past months, but had not been available. (It’s awesome and I’ll probably purchase it.) The rest is for staying home. But that gorgeous, LoveShackFancy black top? That is for my virtual dinner with friends tomorrow night. I thought I’d get dressed up.

There is one con. If an item doesn’t fit or you don’t love how it looks, you cannot swap it for a different size or item. Last month I received the most darling jumpsuit, but the zipper wouldn’t budge. I contacted customer service and they credited my account $15. So it’s a bit of a gamble but in my opinion worth it! This month I received a total of $853 worth of clothes for my subscription cost of $88+ tax. Win-Win!


Wednesday, April 4th, 2018

This was such a fun post for me!  My sweet cousin, Tia, has become an urban flower farmer.  She is turning her passion of flowers and gardening into a woman-owned business.  In Bloom-Urban Flower Farm, located in Spokane, Washington, will offer weekly subscriptions to fresh flowers, bulk buckets, and flower arrangement parties. In Bloom also plans to be at local farmer’s markets. She asked me to help create an urban flower farmer uniform.  (I added the Bossylady!) How could I say no?  She wanted quick, easy options that would transition from garden, to workshop, to market with out a lot of fuss!  But of course she wants to look her best!  This is what I came up with:

In the Garden (pictured above): 

Her backyard is going to a magical world of flowers.  Time will be spent tending and harvesting in the garden.  Needing something easy-yet not precious since she is going to get dirty- I pulled together vintage denim and t-shirts (new could work as well), chic waterproof boots, and an apron.  She can throw on this easy uniform, down a cup of coffee, and get to work.

In the Workshop (below):

When she hosts evening flower arrangement classes, we cleaned it up a little.  A colorful or striped t-shirt with high rise denim.  AND my all time favorite idea……. the jumpsuit/coverall option.  This is probably a stretch for any of us, but it fits perfectly with her aesthetic!  I REALLY hope she goes for it.  Paired with retro sneakers and an apron, she will be ready for the workshop!

At the Market (below):

During the months that flowers are in bloom, she plans to be at the local farmer’s market.  It is usually very warm in Spokane during the summer months, so I wanted her to look great but still be comfortable.  Long cut-off denim shorts and a breezy shirt is the perfect combo.  A simple cotton dress could be equally easy and a great alternative to living in denim.  A short bistro apron -to stash all her cash -and amazing clogs finish the market uniform.


I am so proud of Tia!  Isn’t her logo just perfect?  If you live in the Spokane area, be sure to check out her amazing offerings.

PS// If you are interested in the sources for any of the pieces I selected, find them on my Bosslady Uniform board.



Friday, January 26th, 2018

I’m off on an adventure this weekend.  Lucky me, I get to spend three days skiing with my best girls.  No guys (or kids) allowed! I didn’t buy anything new for the trip, but it is the perfect excuse to create a new mom uniform.   If you know me and my friends, we are more chill than glam.  Jeans, boots, outer wear, and wide selection of hats are the only necessary items.  More time for apres ski- less time worrying about our hair.

Slim Beannie | Pom Pom | Patagonia Pom Pom | Trucker Hat

Camp Socks


Shearling coat | Jeans | Puffer

Fair Isle Sweater | Gray Cable Knit | Sorel Slimpack Boot | Sorel Conquest Boot



Monday, October 9th, 2017

sunny fall field trip | Where is June?

My latest installment of {mom uniform} is for a field trip I am chaperoning this afternoon.  Coincidentally it is to the same location, that I created the Rainy Day Field Trip uniform three years ago.  Second kid in 5th grade and second time going to see the salmon run.  This time…lucky for me…it is supposed to be dry and sunny.  It is fall in the PNW, so warmth will still be necessary.

The uniform:

1. A pair of cropped flair jeans.  Raw hems are my new favorite because it allows me to “hem” for free.  (These come in regular and petite.)

2.  Black muscle tee.  If you follow me on Instagram, you will notice this is a recent purchase from my trip to Nashville.  Officially obsessed with Immogeene + Willie.

3.  Ultra Light Down Jacket.  I don’t own this jacket (yet), but a friend bought one last year and I compliment her every time she wears it.  The collar is perfection and some how makes a down jacket look chic.  And PS. It is under $60!

4.  Accessories!  Beanie and sunnies.

I was going to add shoes, but the white sneaks are kind of perfect!  I’m digging the muted fall colors and the comfort of this uniform.  It would also work for a fall farmer’s market or a Saturday flag football game.  Here’s hoping for many sunny fall days!

Other {Mom Uniforms}

Concert Cool and Mixed Prints



Tuesday, September 20th, 2016

menswear-and-yoga-gear | Where is June?

So if I’m being totally honest, I get super excited when I get to “dress” for something.  I’m trying to force myself out of my usual casual gear and into an actual outfit.  Recently a friend was wearing the most awesome pair of black leggings that she casually paired with a loose T.  She looked amazing.   I was shocked when she told me they were a yoga pant.  Oh, this was too good to be true.  Time for a new mom uniform.

The uniform:

I finally picked up a pair of these amazingly comfortable yoga pants.  Unlike most Lululemon leggings the logo is on the high waist band, so no one will know they are yoga pants.  {When I say these are the most comfortable pair of yoga pants ever- I do not exaggerate!}  Getting creative on how I can wear these everyday, I paired them with a menswear shirt.  Wearing the shirt a little oversized (so it provides ample coverage), I cinched it with a leather obi belt.  The perfect finishes to this uniform are a round toe pump (or flats), a nude lip, and a simple bar necklace.

Now, go get dressed and have some fun!



Tuesday, April 19th, 2016

mom uniform baseball ready| Where is June?

While it may be a bit too predictable, I can see that I truly have created a uniform.  With a dramatically edited closet, basics become your best friends!  Have you ever tried to describe your style? It is hard to put into words.  {At least it is for me.}  My style…..  Casual, cool?  Laid-back, rocker?  Minimal edge?  Finally, after years of loving fashion and shopping, I have slowly discovered the pieces that truly look the best on my body and a style that I love.  It is fun to get dressed!

OK!  On to the real point of this post, my latest mom uniform.  We are officially into the thick of little league baseball season! With four games a week, I feel like I am always in the bleachers.  The uniform must be sporty and comfortable, but of course stylish.

Let’s break down the essential pieces to this uniform:

Distressed, mid-rise skinnies

Old Navy Rock Star mid-rise skinny jeans are kind of perfect.  They have lots of stretch and the price point is fantastic!  Don’t worry… the mid-rise isn’t too high, but kindly covers my middle-aged tummy. Because let’s be honest.  Low rise jeans hit in JUST the wrong spot for women who have given birth.  {Or at least most of them!}

Feminine, pink raglan sweatshirt

This sweet, Who What Wear pink sweatshirt is great for layering.   I would wear it with a long ribbed tank underneath.

Black, lightweight bomber jacket

I am in love with this bomber jacket!  {Admittedly, I now own three bomber jackets. There may be a problem brewing.}  The sleeves are not lined, so they can easily be pushed up.  It is cropped in just the right way and is effortlessly cool.

Gray sneakers

Needing these New Balance sneaks!  The color is perfect for NW rainy, spring weather.  Simple and retro awesome!  And of course, comfortable.

Rose gold aviators

Sadly, my aviators are probably entering their last season.  I adore them, but Ray-Ban doesn’t make the size/style anymore.  These rose-gold aviators from J.Crew might be the perfect replacement.


In full disclosure, my usual “game uniform” is skinny jeans, 10 year-old UGG boots, fleece, Patagonia puffy jacket, baseball hat, Patagonia rain shell, running gloves and a waterproof blanket.  Living in Seattle in the spring is not glamorous or for the faint of heart.  The above uniform is for those few days that sun shines and the temp rises above 60 degrees.



Thursday, August 27th, 2015

mom uniform -wine tasting | Where is June?

I thought it was about time for a new mom uniform.  My husband and I are spending the weekend in the Washington wine country for a little fun.  It has been two years since we have done any wine tasting, so it is a total treat.

The anchor of this uniform is a simple, black tank dress { I also loved this dress}.  Light weight and flowy, it is great in warm weather.  Everything else is just an accessory.  How fun is that?  I’ve learned that having your hands free is key when wine tasting.  A cross-body bag would work, but I am pushing my fashion comfort zone and going for a fanny pack. {Stay with me.}  With all that sun, a wide brimmed hat and sunnies are essential.  A pair of wrap-around ankle strap sandals show off a fresh pedicure in white.  A leather bracelet and a bold feather pendant give interest to a fairly simple outfit. Every uniform needs a pop of color. A bold orange lip in an iridescent sheen finishes off the look.

Tank dress//Sunnies//Hat//Sandals//

Braceletsimilar here//Lip color//Pendant//Fanny Packsimilar here



Tuesday, December 16th, 2014


It’s been awhile since my last Mom Uniform installment.  Most likely because once we lose daylight savings time I go into a deep hibernation.  If you don’t leave your home, you don’t need a uniform!  But there is nothing like the holidays to pull you out of your yoga pants!  With just a little over a week until Christmas, I bet you are running around town doing this and that.  Why not look put together while doing it?!  {This uniform is actually yoga pants in disguise.}

Start with a pair of faux leather leggings that feel more like PJ’s than pants.  Pair with a popover shirt that is long enough to cover your toosh -it’s just more flattering.  Don’t worry about the weather or doing your hair because a beanie takes care of that.  A pink coat makes this uniform.  It adds the pop of color and warmth!  A soft coral lip and a subtle shimmer on your lids are all the accessories you will need.  Finish with a pair of comfy, cool sneakers -so you can run all day long.

Please note:  The link for the pink coat is different than the coat pictured.  Zara sold out of the coat I chose, but the Vince Camuto is a great alternative!

We all need a uniform:

{Mom Uniform}Rainy Day Field Trip

{Mom Uniform} Concert Cool

{Mom Uniform} Mixed Prints



Thursday, November 20th, 2014

throwback thursday

Who doesn’t love a throw back Thursday?  I thought it might be interesting to put my own spin on #TBT!  Often times I write a post and then have more to say about the topic after the fact.  Whether it be new information, a total fail, or a shift in thinking.  This week I am following up on five posts from the past.

Purple Hair.  Don’t care?

I loved the comments on this post.   Encouragement to just go for pastel purple hair made me smile!  However, it turns out coloring my dark brunette locks pastel purple would take a good deal labor.  First I would need to bleach all the color out of my hair. Only then could a colorist add the purple.  Often the color isn’t quite right so the process has to be repeated.  It makes more sense for me to have a darker, deep shade of purple.  Not sure if I like that look.  So for now, my hair will remain brown.  Not because I think I am too old for purple locks, but because it just sounds like a ton of time and energy that I would rather spend elsewhere!

Mom Uniform: Rainy Day Field Trip

When I build a mom uniform, I use items I already own and also include pieces that would be great additions to my closet.   These Tommy Hilfiger boots are the perfect example.  Oh, those boots!  I did in fact order them online, but my spirits were crushed when they arrived.  These beauties were built for girls that live in places where it doesn’t actually rain.  The top of the boots were so large the Seattle rain would have just poured in -soaking my socks and creating misery.  Sadly, they were returned.  Girls in California, scoop these up!

All Things Seattle

Trove, a restaurant which I included in the round up of All Things Seattle, was just voted restaurant of the year by Eater Seattle.  Now I MUST make a date to check it out!!

Chalkboard wall. Yes or no?

It was a resounding YES!  Everyone commented positively about chalkboard walls in the home.  What the hell, it’s just paint.  Luckily, my sister-in-law has the perfect formula for painting a chalkboard wall.  I am going for it!  I promise to post once I get this project done.

Mom Uniform: Mixed Prints

I may have just found the most perfect plaid shirt for this mom uniform.  If you remember this uniform included mixing plaid and animal print.  This J.Crew plaid shirt is made from the coziest flannel.  It has a longer cut, so it was perfect with my new faux leather leggings.  Paired with my Steve Madden slip-on sneakers, it is still a favorite uniform!!



Thursday, October 16th, 2014

mom uniform rainy day field trip

And the rainy season is upon us here in the Northwest.  Lucky me, I am chaperoning an outdoor field trip next week.  70% chance of rain, means a high likelihood our trip is going to be soggy.  Even a rainy day field trip deserves a great uniform.  This time of year it is all about layers.  The temperature is not extremely cold, but the damp can cut right through.

The uniform::

A long ribbed tank and a plaid flannel shirt under a rain shell to guarantee staying dry and warm.  Mid-rise skinnies with lots of stretch.  Lace-up rain boots.  I am seriously coveting these beauties.  I appreciate that they are low and would be easy to walk in all day.  A colorblock wool hat- a necessity for me!  Curly haired girls loathe a rainy day.  Throw on a hat and tie your hair into a low knot and no one needs to see a big, frizzy head of hair.  A backpack to carry all of the essentials.  And finally, a bright lip stain.  While the day may be dreary and the clothes neutral-your lips can be cherry red!

Plaid Shirt//Ribbed Tank//Colorblock Cap//Backpack//Rain Jacket//Rain boots//Lip Stain//Skinny Jeans

Need another uniform??

Concert Cool

Mixed Prints

Road Trip

Modern Cocktail


Where is June?


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