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Thursday, November 19th, 2015

Pinhole Press Personalized Memory Game Details | Where is June?

I am just a little bit excited about our Christmas gift for our two year old nephew. Ok, a LOT excited!  You might remember Brecken and his little darling face!  I made him a book for his birthday with the faces and names of our family!  I thought it would be a great way for him to stay connected with his cousins and his aunts and uncles.  San Diego is far too far.

We want him to think of Seattle and the PNW as his second home.  For his Christmas gift, I created a Personalized Memory Game with a little help from Pinhole Press.  The game has 24 cards {12 matching pairs}.  I used pictures from my Instagram account, choosing quintessential Northwest images.  The Space Needle, the Seattle Great Wheel, apples, a ferry boat, Safeco Field, snowy mountains, an island beach, Husky Stadium, the Blue Angels, the Pike Street Market sign, the old Boeing barn, and the Seattle skyline.

Pinhole Press Memory Game | Where is June?

I love the robots on the back and it only took a few minutes to create this one-of-a-kind gift.  The game can grow with him.  Starting out with a smaller amount of matches to find and building up to all 24 cards.  My boys are looking forward to playing with him.

Memory game and game tray | Where is June?

The game comes packaged in a darling box.  Perfect for a game shelf or a tray so it is easy to grab and play.

Pinhole Press is pretty fantastic.  I also love: the Ice Cream Social Gift Box & the Magnetic Weekly Notepad

{Memory Game c/o Pinhole Press.  I sincerely love their brand and products!}


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Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015

Socality Barbie | Where is June?

Life is beautiful, white and bright, and perfectly curated. Well, at least it is for the creatives, hipsters, and the cool kids on Instagram.

So, how perfect is Socality Barbie?  A brunette, bombshell of a doll posing in all the cool Northwest spots, making your life look sad and depressing.  And totally making fun of all those living an authentic life and snapping shots of their artisan coffee.  Created by a Portland based photographer, choosing to remain anonymous, Socality Barbie is totally off the hook with over 1.2 million followers.  {Just two weeks ago, she only had 7,ooo!}  Personally, I laugh out loud every time a new post pops up in my feed.

Wired describes Socality Barbie:

Socality Barbie is a fantastic Instagram account satirizing the great millennial adventurer trend in photography. It’s an endless barrage of pensive selfies in exotic locales, arty snapshots of coffee, and just the right filter on everything. Anyone who’s flipped through an issue of Kinfolk gets the aesthetic. And it’s everywhere on Instagram.

The woman behind the account is a wedding photographer in Portland, Oregon, who wishes to remain anonymous so to preserve Socality Barbie’s authenticity. She created the Instagram about three months ago to poke fun at all the people hashtagging photos with #liveauthentic and #socality. The homogeneity of their authenticity and universality of their socality all but demanded satirization. “People were all taking the same pictures in the same places and using the same captions,” she says. “I couldn’t tell any of their pictures apart so I thought, ‘What better way to make my point than with a mass-produced doll?’”

The descriptions make the pictures ridiculously funny.  Take 5 minutes and read a few.  I promise it will totally make your Wednesday!

Oh, and who can forget the hashtags?  #liveauthentic #thatpnwlife #finditliveit #communityfirst

June {LOVES} Socality Barbie.

PS// She kills it in this interview.


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Wednesday, October 15th, 2014

social print studio business cards

I recently went back to work part time.  Each week I will stepping in for teachers on a moment’s notice.  My hope is that they will like my work and want me to be a guest teacher {that is a really fancy way of saying substitute} for them in the future.  I wanted something I could leave with my contact information, but I didn’t want your basic humdrum business card.  No, I wanted something creative and memorable.

And along comes Printstagram.  You all know my absolute love for Instagram!  The lovely minds at Printstagram found a way to make business cards fun and unique.  These square {2 3/8″ x  2 3/8″} Contact Cards combine my love of images and my contact information.  For just $20- I chose five different images and received 60 cards in a matter of days.  They are printed on heavy card stock and the color quality is amazing.  I am giddy each time I get a chance to leave one of these little pieces of art on a teacher’s desk!

These contact cards are the perfect non-business card for creatives and small business owners.  Heck.  Putting on my housewife hat for a moment, these are excellent for those of us who stay at home, too.  Everyone needs a card from time to time!  These babies fit in the palm of your hand and are effective to boot!

social print studio in your hand


PS::  I LOVE Instagram.  I know you will too.  Follow me and I will follow you!

Other Instagram ideas:

Make magnets with your Instagram photos.

Print 4×4 prints for easy and inexpensive art!

UPDATE:  You can also create and print Contact Cards from images other than Instagram.  Use this link to upload from your computer:


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Friday, June 6th, 2014

four to follow

Four more to follow on Instagram.


Smantha Winnerstrom shares daily inspiration through fashion, travel, food and style!  You can also follow her blog, Could I Have That?


Darling- the art of being a woman.  How much to do you love that?   Along with original posts, this account is flooded with pictures from readers of the magazine.  Tagging their pictures #thatsdarling, people from all walks of life share and Darling regrams.


Wow!  Stumbled across Candy Minimal a few weeks ago.  Users tag photos their candy-colored minimal shots with #candyminimal.  The creator @mattcrump features shots each day.  Simply just eye candy.  Enjoy.


Courtney Adamo , co-counder of Babyccino, gives you peeks into her life in London with her 4 children.  Somehow it all looks dreamy.  I don’t know how she does it!

Have fun with Instagram. That’s what it is for.  Follow me…@seattlejune.  Happy Friday!




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Friday, March 21st, 2014

four to follow

Do you Instagram??  It is quickly becoming my favorite social-media site.  Something about  4×4 pictures that makes me outrageously happy!  I decided to start a series called Four to Follow.  Just a quick heads up on four accounts I think you might like {or love}!  If you are not on Instagram, I highly recommend it.  Come play…it’s super fun!


The official account for the magazine Darling.  As self described: “Darling isn’t just a magazine, it’s a movement. Our print magazine is a guidebook to lead you through the seasons of the year and your life. We exist to encourage and empower women and be a voice of love.”  I subscribe to the print magazine as well as follow them on Instagram.  I am blown away by their mission and their pictures are inspiring.  Darling is the art of being a woman.


Ascot and Hart is an online store founded by the girls behind Target Does It Again.  Their style is mix between boho and grunge.  I always love the outfits they put together and their original style!


Taylor Sterling is the founder of Glitter Guide.  Her account is flooded with details from her everyday life, Glitter Guide adventures and her darling baby girl, Elodie.


The Instagram account of David Schwen is creative in every sense.  I can’t really put his images into words….you just have to see them!  Each day I smile when I see his fun and original posts.

Do you have any accounts that you love to follow?

Pssst……follow me too!  @seattlejune

{All images via featured Instagram accounts}


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Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

closet + instagram love | Where is June

When I was placing the art work in my closet, I had small spaces that needed something.  An extra frame made it look too cluttered and I didn’t want that!   I was working toward open and inspiring, so it took me awhile to figure out what to do.  Then in the middle of the night it came to me!  I needed to print some of my Instagram snapshots.  I am constantly posting pictures of my shoes and it they would be PERFECT in my closet.

instagram + shoes | Where is June

So I printed these Instagram photos using the free Walgreens app.  It is so darn easy.  Connect to your account, choose the photos you want to print, send them, and pick them up in an hour.   I printed the 4×4 size for $0.39 a piece.  YES!!  Thirty nine cents!  {You could also print in 8×8 which would be fun if you wanted to frame it}.  For $1.56 {plus tax} I had small, personal pieces of art to add to my closet.  I used gold washi tape to hang them.

How easy is that?

Do you follow me on Instagram?  Well, why the heck not?  Come join the party!  Follow me @seattlejune.

Other ways to use your super cool Instagram shots:

Sticky Gram Magnets

Canvas Pop Art



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Thursday, September 5th, 2013

Sticky Gram Magnets

We have our phones with us all the time.  Pictures are snapped non-stop!  Rarely do those pictures escape the confines of our smart device!  StickyGram Magnets seem like the perfect way to get them off your phone and made into something useful. Perfect gifts for you or someone you love! has StickyGram Magnets discounted on their site right now. Maybe this fun project will motivate me to do something today!

Pssst……You can also create Pop Art with your Instagram photos.



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Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

canvas pop

I use my phone as my point and shoot camera almost daily.  This year I fell in love with Instagram and its square art form.  While looking for a unique gift for an exchange during the holidays (2012), I came across Canvas Pop.  I may have a new addiction!

Turn your Instagram images into a 12″ x 12″ piece of art!  Wrapped canvas, amazing colors and all for $39.95!  I was so impressed by the quality of the work and the image looked fantastic.  It was hard to give it away.


Hanging alone or in a grouping- these little beauties are worth their weight in gold!  Check out the options on their website.

*Updated December 2013 to reflect current pricing.


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