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Friday, January 19th, 2018

Happy Friday! Each week I am inspired by articles I read, recipes I find, pictures I see, and music & podcasts that I hear. Little details from each one shape my week. I love passing along this inspiration. I hope you have an amazing weekend.


1|  I’m a little twisted but true crime stories get me every time.  Atlanta Monster is a haunting story and this podcast hooked me!

2|  Cutest handbag there ever was!

3|  Ellen Pompeo just became the $20 million dollar woman.  #timesup

4|  Perfection.

5|  What Unites Us?    “In a polarizing climate, what unites Americans may be as powerful as what divides us.”

6|  General Tso’s Chicken.  Thank you Jessica Seinfeld!

7|  Be Your Own Boss:  Rony Vardi of Catbird Jewelery.  We all have such interesting paths in life!

PS:  I have written about Rookie and Catbird (and here) before. Still love both!!



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Friday, January 12th, 2018

Happy Friday!  Each week I am inspired by articles I read, recipes I find, pictures I see, and music & podcasts that I hear.  Little details from each one shape my week.  I love passing along this inspiration.  I hope you have an amazing weekend.


This week’s details:

1 The sweetest charm necklace.  It was on my holiday wish list, but it looks like it’s moving over to my Mother’s Day wish list!

2 Lemon bars made with the most interesting ingredient.

3 Planning to make this soup over the weekend

4 Mood.  From an artist I love to follow on Instagram

5 We are REAL late to the party, but we watched Baby Driver last weekend.  I totally understand the hype. You gotta watch it!

6 Maybe if it’s personalized…..I’ll take my vitamins.

7. Vintage love.

care/of: vitamins via Cup of Jo


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Friday, September 1st, 2017

no 33 | Where is June?

Labor Day weekend!  The weather is going to be perfect, so we are going to pretend that school did not already start! Hope you have a wonderful long weekend and soak up those last sweet drops of summer!

A few links that interest and inspire me:

1. Thrifting helped this NYC girl find her style!

2. My favorite summer read.

3. 8 things you should no longer do for your teenager! {A game changer in my house.)

4. A subtle, spicy scent.  My favorite.  And this brand again.  I mean, really?!

5. My love for Humans of New York continues. It is now a docu-series on Facebook.

6. Chefs team up and Seattle wins!

7. Interracial couples share their stories 50 years after a landmark Supreme Court decision.  #loving


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Monday, June 12th, 2017

in the details no. 32 | WHERE IS JUNE?

It’s somehow Monday again.  Between a class party, a doctor’s appointment, a track meet and time trials for swim team-Friday was an absolute blur.  By the time I had a moment to breathe it was time to go to bed.  Do the last weeks of school feel like a gut punch to anyone else?  Absolutely crushing.  My kids have one more week and then it is Camp Mommy!

Inspiring and interesting things this week:

1.  Just got this amazing pottery cradle to hold an air plant!  I am obsessed.

2.  SJP and Michelle interview each other!

3.  Chris Martin and the crowd sings at One Love Manchester.  Goose bumps.

4.  Dads and Daughters workshop.  Local dads can learn all about blow drys, braids, ponytails, and buns.  {HEART EYES!}

5.  Preach! {via IG}

6.  Outfit inspo.

7.  The cutest woven drum bag EVER!!



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Monday, June 5th, 2017

in the details | NO. 31

I couldn’t finish this post in time to hit publish on Friday. But since I’m in charge, I can post it on Monday instead.  I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  Our weekend centered around Little League playoff games.  Sadly Little Man’s team suffered a crushing loss yesterday, so he is done for the season.  We also saw Wonder Woman.  You really MUST see this movie.  I pretty sure I have seen every superhero/comic inspired movie produced in the last 8+ years.  Wonder Woman is by far the best.  Hands down.  I loved the action, the spirit, and the story line.  Plus, the kick-ass women were entirely inspiring! Hope you all have a great week.

A few things that inspired and interested me last week:

1.  A sneaker problem continues. Into these Pumas.

2.  Who hasn’t watched Love Actually multiple times?  The Love Actually sequel is a dream come true.  {Only 15 minutes.  Watch it!}

3.  Covfefe inspired many! And made me laugh.  xo

4.  I found the socks that Kendall Jenner was wearing in last week’s post.

5.  Ellen Pompeo’s home in Sag Harbor is gorgeous.

6.  Ceramic tile transitions to wood floors in a striking entry.  SO. GOOD.

7.  We heard Leroy Bell play live on Friday night.  Been on replay ever since.


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Friday, May 26th, 2017

in the details | NO. 30

It’s a three day weekend. The weather is going to be amazing in Seattle and are planning to bum around in our own city! We are hoping to go for a hike, grab some pizza, ride the Seattle Great Wheel and explore the Public Market. Spread out over three days, with a little pool time thrown in for good measure, it sounds like heaven to me.  Have a fun weekend!

A few things that caught my attention this week:

1. Socks with heels.  These sheer stockings give me all the heart eyes!

2. Have you see this IMomSoHard video?  They are all of us looking for a swimsuit.

3.  The trailers for I Love Dick on AmazonPrime are pretty funny.  I mean…Kevin Bacon.

4.  I love simple earrings.

5.  An interview with Aziz Ansari on the podcast Fresh Air is worth a listen.  Do you watch Master of None?  Season 2 is out.

6.  Just ordered this new book.

7.  An amazing low, leather sofa.  That’s all.


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Friday, May 19th, 2017

in the details NO. 29 | Where is June?

My little family is scattered in three directions and 2 states this weekend, but the sun is out and OMG have we been waiting for it!  Thanks for all of your kind and thoughtful feedback this week.  It was amazing to hear that you had missed Where is June? and are willing to take another ride with me.  I hope you have a great weekend.  Put this song on repeat and turn that shit up! xo

This week the things that interest and inspire me include articles to read and Podcasts to listen to:

1. Flower Flashes brighten the day of New Yorkers.  The Flower Bandit strikes again!

2.  My love of Podcasts continue….this time with Katie Couric.  {My favorite episodes are interviews with Sheryl Sandberg and Ina Garten}.

3.  An article that stopped me in my tracks.  My Family’s Slave.

4.  I’m not shopping…but if I was.  This stacked heel from Grey City is what dreams are made of….

5.  On switching careers…..

6.  Needing to do something with my mantle.  Looking for inspiration and this transformation is pretty fantastic!

7.  The Livelovesara blog is totally addicting.  Her packing posts are my favorite.  Take a peek.



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Friday, February 24th, 2017

in the details no 28| Where is June?

Happiest Friday to all of you!  We are just back from a week long ski trip to Steamboat Springs, CO.  Maybe some of you saw the pictures over on Instagram.  We didn’t get any new snow, but the blue skies and sun were pretty amazing for this “barely” intermediate skier. After 2 seasons on downhill skis {something I said I would never do}, I am starting to grasp the obsession.  My favorite part of of skiing on this trip?  Quiet moments on the chair lift with my husband or my kids.  Which, of course, were directly followed by real moments of my ten year old swearing like a trucker and my almost teen rolling his eyes at me.  Gotta keep things balanced!

Here are few things that interest and inspire me this week:

1.  Frame wallpaper and your own printed snap shots would be so great in a play room or kitchen.

2.  Good. Lord.  This cake looks divine.

3.  Northwest winters require sturdy footwear and these boots might be the perfect investment. Don’t you think they will only get better with time?  I was surprised by the brand!?!

4.  I came across LIVELOVESARA when I was packing for a recent trip to NYC.  Now I’m obsessed.  She breaks down packing for trips and dressing for the everyday.

5.  Cement tiles are one of my favorite things.  These black and white beauties surrounded the bar at Salt and Lime in Steamboat Springs.  So good. {PS/ I love their URL!}

6.  No, I’m not going vegan.  But, since I don’t cook with dairy, these recipes are great for me!  Maybe try to cook one vegan meal a week and see how it goes?

7.  Such an awesome cut!




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Friday, January 6th, 2017


It has been frigidly cold in Seattle this week…but it came with abundant sunshine and I will take it!  What are you up to this weekend?  I am FINALLY going to see YSL exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum.  I tried to go on Thursday with my sister-in-law, but the exhibit was sold out.  Ooops.  Instead, we did a little day drinking……

Here are a few things that inspire and interest me this week:

1.   Where is this snowy oasis?   Makes you want to ski week, doesn’t it?!

2.  I have fallen hard for blouses with overstated ruffles.  {I’m eying this one next!}

3.  Just finishing a bathroom renovation, and still can’t get over the black fixtures.  My budget didn’t allow it, but I’m obsessed.

4.  Editors at Harper’s Bazaar make style resolutions.  Such a fun way to think about the new year!

5.  The coolest coffee maker that I gifted myself this Christmas!  Great coffee and it looks so pretty sitting on my shelf.

6.  {Foolproof} Chicken Tortilla Soup.  If you can buy a rotisserie chicken and open canned goods-this recipe is for you!  PS// It’s yummy.

7.  The simplest of leather hair ties.


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Friday, October 14th, 2016

in-the-details-no-26 | WHERE IS JUNE?

A giant storm is heading toward us.  The rain has already arrived and the wind is set to hit later today.  If we are lucky enough to keep our power, it will be a cozy weekend.  The boys want to make Halloween cookies and I want a big pot of soup.  Stay dry, stay safe and give your little ones an extra long hug.  Life is precious.

Here a few things that interest and inspire me this week:

1. A DIY costume that’s too sweet for words!  If only I was willing to “make” a costume.  {Although I can’t wait until Big W’s costume arrives in the mail!}

2.  The most amazing geode drawer pulls.  How amazing would these look on a single drawer bedside table?

3.  Polo Beach, Maui.  The sand, and a Mai Tai, and ME in only 21 days {but who’s counting!}

4.  I am loving the illustrations by Mari Andrew every Friday on Cup of Jo.

5.  A slouchy beanie, a rainy day necessity!  I just found the perfect one…and bought it in two colors.  Soft {not itchy} and only $25.

6.  Stormy weather calls for warm mini pretzels.

7.  How cool is this IKEA hack?  It’s a slatted bed base used as office storage.  Brilliant!


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