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Monday, October 30th, 2017

simple holiday | Where is June?

I received a West Elm catalog last week and while flipping through I spotted this simple holiday wreath.  Well, not really a wreath.  I guess it’s more like a wall hanging. It always astonishes me how much fresh wreaths cost during the holidays.  (Only to put it in the yard waste come January.) I bought an artificial wreath last year, but it isn’t great.

This one looks simple enough to do yourself.  My local nursery always has clippings you can buy as a bundle.  It’s not easy to see what is wrapped around the stick to hold the greenery, but one can get creative.  If all else fails, I’ll take all the supplies with me (and the picture) to our neighborhood florist.

What do you think?

PS//  Looks like stacked wood, as a design feature, lives on.


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Friday, December 18th, 2015

down to the wire | Where is June?

Oh boy, it’s getting real!  Time is ticking and you are running around like a crazy person.  You are existing on little sleep, too much caffeine, and not enough workouts.  You have lists.  Many lists.  With only a week until the big holiday, it is somewhat risky ordering something online.  I thought I would share a few “down to the wire” gift ideas that I have seen while out and about.  Many are still available for shipment as well.   In my opinion, they are all winners!

1.  Instax camera.  Instant camera fun for kids, teens and adults.  Shake it like a…..

2.  Pocket square.  For the gentleman in your life.  Keep him classy.

3.  Marble candle.  Smells woodsy and looks beautiful on your bedside table. #targetdoesitagain

4.  Faux fur vest.  In black or pink, this little vest is fantastic.

5.  Wild Hog Popper.  The gift of the season, in my opinion.  Tons of creatures to choose from.

6.  Salted caramels.  Good food is always a great gift.  Buy local.  Shop small.

7.  Swell water bottle.  Keeps liquids cold or hot.  Many colorways for everyone on your list.

8.  The 52 Lists Project.  A diary of lists.  Out of stock at Amazon, but many stores have it stocked.


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Thursday, December 17th, 2015

headbanz holiday edition | Where is June?

We are once again hosting a holiday meal on Christmas Eve for our family.  Every year I try to think of a new idea to keep the cousins on their toes.  When they were really little I covered the entire table with kraft paper and left cups of crayons out for them.  They aren’t so little anymore {plus my boys never colored}, but they do love to laugh together. This year we are going to play a holiday edition of Hedbanz.  If you aren’t familiar with the game, each player wears a headband and tries to guess the card on his or her forehead.  We will use the blue headbands but the “playing cards” will be holiday themed.  I will brainstorm people, places and objects associated with winter and Christmas. A few I have thought of so far: Santa, Frosty, candy canes, Christmas tree, North Pole, stockings, hot cocoa, Rudolph, the Grinch, Cindy Lou Who.  Can you think of any others?

Keeping with the holiday theme, I plan to write the words on gift tags.  {That is very OCD of me and is certainly not necessary!}  Kids and adults love the original version of this game, so I hope it will be a big hit!   With a few cocktails it should make for great fun.

santa headbanz holiday edition | Where is June?

A few nights ago the boys were sweet enough to model for me and then we played a few rounds.  Little Man wasn’t too thrilled about being a Unicorn.  I was very comfortable with my hot dog persona.

headbanz | Where is June?

We are looking forward to an evening filled with laughter.  What games do you like to play with your family during the holidays?  I would love to hear!

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Monday, November 23rd, 2015

holiday wrap palette | Where is June?

‘Tis the season and it’s time to wrap! Last year I shared my holiday palette of gift wrap and my admission of being OCD when it comes to wrapping presents.  I love choosing new papers each year and The Container Store has the best gift wrap shop!  Last year my theme was Snowy Cottage Glam and included golden glitter paper.  The palette was amazing but the glitter sucked.  I can’t stand the side-effects of glitter.  One gift and I was covered in glitter, as was my bedroom floor.

This year my theme is Festive Mountain Lodge.  Steering clear of the glitter, I am choosing a more understated, woodsy theme.  I fell in love with navy blue antler wrap and built the rest of the palette around it.  Antlers, birch bark, gray gabardine, and winter plaid papers are exactly what I imagine under the tree at a rustic mountain lodge.  Tie-ons and ribbon will finish the packages.  I kind of love it!

holiday palette 2015 | Where is June?


Winter Plaid/Birch Bark/Antlers/Gray Gabardine

Take a peek at all the wrapping choices at The Container Store.  Which are your favorites?

*Not sponsored, just inspired.



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Monday, November 16th, 2015

2015 early gift giving | Where is June?

Every year I vow to shop early and reduce the stress during the month of December.  In year’s past, Thanksgiving arrives and I have done nothing.  Somehow, this year, I am well on my way and already have a few gifts tucked away in hiding.  I am sharing the love today.  How about a few items that are probable to be total winners?!


On-the-go power & the cutest pom-pom hat around.


A puffy blanket & a carry-on cocktail.


A darling Bluetooth speaker, an interactive map, thumbprint art set, and a drone copter.


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Monday, December 22nd, 2014

host a holiday meal

I am hosting Christmas Eve at my house this week. It has become a tradition and I am really looking forward to it this year!  Borrowing a page from my husband’s family play book-we serve cracked crab for dinner.  It is the best main course because you truly don’t do anything except unwrap it and bring out the tools for cracking.  I ask my guests to bring the sides for the meal.  This year we are having au gratin potatoes, crusty bread, and a large salad.  The rest is up to me!  Here’s what I have planned.



Instead of traditional linens I use a chalkboard paper runner and paper placemats.  I don’t have a super large kitchen -so the paper runner comes off my dining table after cocktail hour and we quickly set the table for dinner.  I usually wrap the silverware early.  Last year I used a simple gift tag and label for each guest and placed a festive saying on each plate.  I found these movie quote printables that I am going to use this year.  I have added twinkling lights to my bar cart thanks to the inspiration from Pinterest!  We are ready to be merry and bright!


HOLIDAY CHECK LIST before the meal

I like to have everything set and ready, so that the food and drink are READY when we arrive home from church.  I am excited to try some new appetizers!

1.  Slow Cooker Spinach Artichoke Dip

2.  Salami, Cream Cheese, Pepperoncini Roll-Ups

3.  Antipasti Plate

4.  Sparkling Apple Cider Sangria


HOST A HOLIDAY MEAL after the meal

I keep dessert simple and follow what my grandmother used to do for Christmas Eve.  Lots and lots of cookies and sweet nibbles.  I am starting the baking today and the boys will be denied access until later in the week!

1.  Salted Brown Butter Rice Crispy Treats

2.  Five minute Fudge

3.  Candied Pecans

4.  Salted Peanut Chews

Visit my ‘Tis the Season and The Entertainer Pinterest boards for more ideas on hosting a great holiday meal!


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Friday, December 19th, 2014


I promised a post about making your own wrapping paper!  To accent the holiday palette that I chose this year, I thought it would be fun to add a few small gifts with customized wrapping paper.  I would not advise doing this with large gifts, unless you are going to paint the words.  This DIY is really easy and you don’t have to be crafty.  If you can write you can do this.  Actually, have your kids do it.  Their darling handwriting on the paper would be a gift in itself.  Grandparents love that kind of stuff!

Step one:

Gather your paper {I used this one}, a pen and your gift.  I used a gold paint Sharpie, but on black paper white would look awesome too!

DIY Holiday Wrap supplies

Step 2:

Write your message.  I wrote diagonally because I find that easier!  Any message works!

DIY Holiday Wrap write your message

Step 3:

Wrap it and gift it!


Give it a try.  The wrapped gifts turn out great.

PS::  Is there someone on your list that would love What Shat That? [The Pocket Guide to Poop Identity]?  Find it here! AND you’re welcome.


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Monday, December 15th, 2014


Next up on the gift guide train is a guide for the women in your life.  {But in all honesty it’s really just my wish list!}  With only 9 days of shopping days left, many retailers have reduced prices and are offering great deals.  See, you put off shopping for a reason!

The guide for HER::

One//  The perfect shade of orangey-red lipstick!  {The color GEORGE will make her look like she just stepped out of a J.Crew catalog.}

Two//  A collection of memos and letters written by Diana Vreeland.  It would be perfect on her desk!

Three//  Clutch + shimmer = perfection

Four//  Instax printer for pictures captured on her phone.  Snap it, print it, share it!

Five//  Running vest.  {This falls in the NEED category}  Keep her safe.

Six//  Tom Ford Black Orchid

Seven//  This Jonathan Adler vase is total perfection!

Eight//  Dana Rebecca diamond earrings

Nine//  The most beautiful book ends.

Ten//  A puffer jacket with a touch of plaid.

Eleven//  A key chain that reminds her that she is a total babe.

Twelve//  Awesome Saucony kicks!


The Holiday Guides so far:

Holiday Guide for a Bigger Boy

Holiday Guide for a Grown Up Girl


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Wednesday, December 10th, 2014

Gift Guide for a Grown Up Girl

I don’t have girls in the house, so I turned to my favorite grown up girls to help me out with this gift guide!  Their enthusiasm impressed me.  While my boys grumbled when I asked for assistance with this project, Emma and Alexane delivered a beautifully hand-drawn wish list!  {Thanks ladies!}

Here is their list {a guide for girls ages 8-12}:

ONE//  Ivivva Clothing – Essential gear for the active girl!  I love this scarf and wrap.

TWO//  Nail Polish – This nail set is AMAZING.  24 colors with tiny brushes to create nail art.

THREE//  Art Supplies – She can recreate 30 masterpieces by women artists with this book.  Throw in a set of really good markers!

FOUR// Tickets to Ariana Grande – I like how these girls think!  She is on tour and might be coming to a city near you.  She will be in Seattle on April 14, 2015!

FIVE//  Jewelry – How about a simple gold bar necklace with her initial?

SIX//  PB Teen furniture – A furry beanbag would be the perfect spot to hang out and talk!

SEVEN//  Trip to Hawaii to surf-  Wow!  That is a big one.  While a trip might not be in the cards, a cool surfboard print for her room is doable!

Thanks Emma and Alexane!  This gift guide rocks because of you!  {I will post a picture of their hand-drawn list later today on Instagram!  It is too good for you not to see it.}


with Emma and Alexane


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Tuesday, December 9th, 2014

palette title

Every holiday season, I pick a few new papers and a theme for wrapping.  I don’t like wrapping in last year’s paper and love finding a new palette each year.  Ok, YES, choosing a paper theme squarely lands me in the “I’m a control freak” category, and I totally own it.  I used to run around to store after store looking for worthy paper.  Somehow I was always disappointed.  That is until I walked through the doors of The Container Store.  I had been picked up and set down in wrapping paper heaven!  Seriously, it is that good.

I am calling my theme for the year Snowy Cottage Glam.  The plaid, glitter and two woodland papers are an ode to a glamorous snowy Christmas deep in woods.  What do you think?  I also picked up a roll of black paper and some chalkboard markers.  I plan to make some personalized paper for a few smaller gifts.  {I will post about this idea next week!}  A few rolls of ribbon {this, this, and this} and gift tags and Team Thomas is ready to wrap!

a holiday palette

My paper choices {clockwise from top left}:

 Buffalo Plaid//Woodgrain//Red Berry Branch//Gold Glitter

Oh my goodness, there are so many I could create endless palettes for the season.  Which papers are your favorite?!

Now, if only I can get my act together and not wait until December 23rd to wrap my gifts!!  #bemerryandbright


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