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Friday, August 21st, 2015

seattle bouldering project | Where is June?

With the boys still home with me for summer, our field trips need to meet two requirements.  The trip needs to be kid friendly {obviously} and active.  This week we took a trip to the Seattle Bouldering Project {SBP}.  My boys love to climb at this gym.   Since most playgrounds these days have a bouldering wall, they are extremely comfortable with the hand and foot holds.  I appreciate the welcoming feel of SBP.  There are some serious climbers and they are always so upbeat and kind to the boys.  A couple of months ago, I went with a friend to climb and actually really enjoyed it.  She showed me the ropes and I wasn’t so intimidated.  Plus, it is a fantastic workout.  This last trip we all climbed together.

While climbing with the boys this time, I realized all the amazing life lessons they are learning while climbing.  In just a short amount of time I saw problem solving, team work, perseverance, resiliency, camaraderie, and patience.  The boys watch the more skilled climbers if they are have difficulty with a climb.  They observe a strategy and then put it into action.  Quite amazing really!  While not a reason for the field trip, it sure is a huge plus!

The hours make it easy to pop in any time during they day.  You literally need nothing.  They rent shoes and you can borrow chalk.  Just remember to wear clothes that allow you to move and climb.

seattle bouldering project climb| Where is June?

{Just look at the face!  Pure determination.  Gotta love that.}


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Friday, August 14th, 2015

artists at play |Where is June?

The boys and I took an excellent field trip to Artist at Play in Seattle Center.  Nestled behind the Experience Music Project, it is an enormous playground fitted with ropes, slides, towers, slides and ladders.  Any kid that loves to climb will totally dig it!  There is a small section for small children, but it is definitely geared for older kids.  Younger kids will need some assistance navigating the ropes.  My kids disappeared in 2 seconds flat, so if that makes you anxious you might visit once September arrives and the crowds of tourists diminish.  I suggest having your kids wear shoes and socks, not sandals or flip flops.  This will allow them to climb easily, plus the turf under the structure was extremely hot.

Add a little bit more fun by riding the Monorail and grabbing a bite to eat at the Armory.

ropes course

little man at play

big w at play

swinging at play


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Where is June?


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